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I believe I fainted because the pain became too much

Aug 19, 2008 - 0 comments

Today I fainted after a decision to drive myself and 2 kids to the hospital. I knew something wasn't right at home and I tried calling everyone I know to no avail. I debated on calling 911 but I thought that might be real traumatic for the kids, so I made a decision to drive (about 5 miles) to my ER. In hindsight it was not the smartest idea but at the time it was all I could do...

When ge got there we began walking to the door. As we (in slow motion, through my eyes) approached the door my left leg go heavier and heavier, my vision began to get smaller and smaller as looking down a pipe. And I began collapsing. Luckily there was a doctor watching from behind and ran up behind me as I started to fall.

My b/p was sky high, my fever was up, my heart rate was way up there and there was numbness instead of pain. Especially on the left side which had been killing me and was now locked or frozen like, stiff and shaking now. As they layed me on the table, I thought it would be impossible... I had been in so much pain through the night laying, but there I was laying and numb. Twitching and jumpy each time I was touched but still out of pain except for the feeling of muscles locking and spasms.

I listen to the two doctors debate... The word MS came from the younger doctor as it was disputed by the older. I had told the older I had just had an MRI come back clean of my brain. The two went back and forth and I was given something to "relax" the muscles and myself. It did work... The muscles stopped qlinching and drawing into balls, the numbness began to fade, the nausea settled and I was back to my usual state, now in pain again.

They told me to follow up with my docs soon and sent me home. I wondered if everything that happened wasn't my body's way of dealing with pain overload... I had been off pain meds for a week or so, and it been building and building. I don't know what to do at this point.

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