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Article on late implantation !

Sep 04, 2010 - 6 comments

Well I have suspected for a while now that the reason I keep miscarrying is because I implant really late (always have low hcg).  Well now I have found an article that backs up my theory - I have cut and pasted it for you guys to read.

Science News  - Embryos That Implant In Uterus "Late" Prove More Likely To Die In First Weeks Of Pregnancy

ScienceDaily (June 11, 1999) — Researchers at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences said today that fertilized human eggs that implant late are less likely to survive.

The road to birth is a perilous one. These same NIEHS scientists showed in 1988 (New England Journal of Medicine, 319, pp 189-94) that 25 percent of fertilized eggs fail to survive six weeks -- so early that most mothers did not know they had been pregnant. Only daily urine testing for shifting traces of a hormone called hCG confirmed these pregnancies and their loss. The 25 percent early loss, when added to the clinical miscarriages that occur later, means that at least one-third of all embryos fail.

Today, the researchers reported they have found that the lost fetuses tend to be those that implant late. (NEJM, June 10.) The implantation of the fertilized egg in the wall of the uterus is necessary for the nourishment and growth of the fetus. Surviving pregnancies implanted only about one day earlier, on average, than the non-survivors: 10.5 days v. 9.1 days from fertilization to implantation. But the day-by-day trend was clear. If a fertilized egg implanted by the ninth day, it had only a 13 percent chance of loss. The risk rose to 26 percent if the implantation was on the tenth day, 52 percent on the eleventh day, and 82 percent thereafter. All three implantations after day 12 ended in early loss. There was no association in the NIEHS study between late implantation and the clinical miscarriages that occurred later in pregnancy.

So yeah very interesting article indeed!!  I don't think there is much I can do to control when my eggs decide to implant but it's nice to know there may finally be a reason for all my losses.  I am starting accupuncture very soon so maybe that will help my potential fertilized egg do it's thing a bit faster.  Fingers crossed!!

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by pb95, Sep 03, 2010
I'm pretty sure acupuncture solved my post miscarriage issues with bleeding.  I'm a believer.  I hate needles, but  most days it didn't hurt (she said some people are more sensitive at certain times of their cycles so only one out of my 5 treatments really bothered me).  It was really relaxing too - afterwards it always felt like I had a glass of wine!

Good luck with it!  I hope it makes a difference for you too!

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by princessren88, Sep 03, 2010
hey great article I remember telling you that I thought your last cycle showed late implantation and that was most likely why your blood test showed negative. Great research! But yes I totally think that is what is causing your micarriages! I also am big on researching everything but you know what sometimes thats what you gotta do since we know our bodies more then anyone else do including doctors. There is so much more out there then what doctors test for and look for thats forsure!!

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by dscoqn, Sep 03, 2010
Yes princessren88 you're right - I didn't get a positive on the blood test till 17dpo and hcg was only 6 by then which means I must have implanted around 14/15dpo. (still can't understand why hpt was showing positive from 11dpo though - that will always be a mystery LOL).  The pregnancy before that my hcg was only 10 at around 14dpo and then I started losing it the next day and then the one before that I think my hcg was only about 36 and I was well into week 5.  I can't remember much about the ones before that but do remember my hcg was really low with those as well.  For once I would just like to have a good hcg level sigh.

Thanks pb95 for your feedback about accupuncture - I can't wait till I start!

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by leanne95, Sep 04, 2010
its great youve found something you can relate to as a posible cause, i dont know if theres any way you could help them implant sooner???? maybe laying down as much as post soon after intercourse and for the next few days when posible may help, but maybe not, hope things go better for you this month xxx

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by Sherri90049, Sep 04, 2010
That is fascinating! I had no idea that implanting late was a bad thing! Hopefully acupuncture will help with getting the embie to get down to the uterus to implant more quickly so it has a better chance to make it. I'm glad you were able to find that study! I have a friend that I need to forward that article to! Thanks! :)

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by kellibubba, Sep 05, 2010
When you do that accupunture could you let me know how it goes. Ive always been interested to know if it helps and would like to try it... Ive also read somewhere that people who suffre reacurrent miscarriages you are most likely blood deficient..

they say a sudden shock can cause you to be blood deficient such as a car accident or a miscarriage ( which is a bouble wammy as its both shocking and involves blood loss).
it affects feritliy buy creating problems genertaing enough blood to thicken the endometrium ( womb lining) sufficiently, so thats its not thick enough to maintain a pregnancy.

its out of a book called the baby making bible . its all about ancient chinese medicine which they tell you all about accupunture and how to achieve a pregnancy.. i would advise reading it.

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