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My mom kicked my dad out.

Sep 05, 2010 - 3 comments

My mom kicked my dad out on my brother's birthday. (The 3rd of September.)

My mom told me through text. And when I got home from work, no one was home so I just went to bed. I woke up at 7ish and my dad was on my couch. My initial reaction was, "WTF..."

He finally woke up as I was eating cereal at the dining room table. He sat across from me and look at me wonderingly. I smiled and just said, "Mom kicked you out last night."

He was silent, so I said it again. "Mom kicked you out last night. Why are you here?"

Silence. "How did you get in the house? All the doors were locked. What, do you have a tunnel made just for the occasion? Leave."

He's ignorant. Just leave already.

I'm going to keep instigating.

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996946 tn?1503249112
by LindaTX, Sep 06, 2010
Danielle, I'm sorry about the turmoil in your house right now.  Maybe you shouldn't say anything and let your mom handle the whole situation. Your dad is just going to turn on you. Good Luck....and for God's sake...stay safe! ;)

1303813 tn?1303159362
by Cassandrajane, Sep 06, 2010
I am sorry this is happening!!

But it is weird when they end up on the sofa, and have NO way of getting in. My mum kicked my step dad out... we had the locks changed and we lived on the top floor of a 5 floor block of flats and I was home alone. Woke up and he was passed out on the Sofa??? And we had the locks changed??

But like LindaTX says, Let your mum handle this its better :)

Good luck :)


808144 tn?1332724340
by iwouldbdanielle, Sep 06, 2010
My dad already hates me. He always has. He's an abusive alcoholic. I just do what my mom refuses to do - stand up for herself.

That's kind of funny. xD I swear, the have tunnels created just for the occasion. I can't think of any other way, besides chimneys. But we don't have a chimney..?

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