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Labor Day

Sep 06, 2010 - 1 comments

  Slept in until 7:30. Great night sleep.  Took long walk with the dh and dogs.  It was a beautiful morning.  A little after 9 I realized that I was suppose to meet a friend at Starbucks at 9.  Yikes.  Texted her quickly. She had just arrived.  I grabbed a banana and headed out the door to meet her.  

  Starbucks was buzzing.  Wow, everyone there (other friends I know and the regulars that I see but don't know, like a odd guy who dresses in shorts and a business jacket).  My friend was reading the paper and enjoying her iced cuppucino and cheese plate. She offers me some cheese.  Sure I would like to but no,  I have a herbal hot tea and my banana.  We got caught up on kid stuff (her child is friends with with my children), house stuff, medical stuff, family stuff, and school stuff.  I noticed when I was with her my right foot/ankle area seemed hot and slightly tingly.  I guess I had maybe got too over heated on my long walk and the rush to get to Starbucks might have pushed it over the edge.  It didn't hurt and it wasn't too strong but definately more than I have felt in a while.  That is exactly the kind of thing I need to be more careful about.  Everything is different now that I know what I have.  I have to make sure I mitigate the effects of the heat and stressing too much at least until I get into a more normal routine.

  We were invited to a pool party today at a neighbors house.  Too hot and way too many people for me.  Dh and kids went as there was going to be a pool vball competition that they were going to participate in.  I stayed home and worked on some house projects, cooked, swam in the pool, went to Home Depot and worked on the computer.  One of the dogs is not feeling well and needs to go outside from time to time so me staying home was the perfect solution.  Yes, it does seem like I am staying home a lot more now but I really do like the house to myself and I don't mind being alone.  I guess you could say I enjoy my own company.

  This week is going to be busy. Vball game tomorrow with sandwiches that need to be ordered and delivered.  There are several activities that I get involved with that are also starting up after a long summer off (MIT-mothers in touch, BSF- bible study fellowship, Excellence in Education, and my church parish/staff position).  The kids have several major tests this week and we will be having a contractor here working on some miscellaneous house projects.  And speaking of houses, ours is a mess at the moment but we are making so much progress. We have piles for Goodwill, piles for younger family members, piles for storage, piles to throw away and even a pile to sell on ebay.  We are hoping to get it squared away by the end of the week.  I like my house neat so this is a challenge to just let it be messy for a while while we sort through what we need to sort through. My big sort through this week will be the kitchen and the master closet.  Yikes.

  For a while now I have not been overly hungry.  Not sure why. Perhaps the limited variety of food I am eating is not enticing enough for my stomach.  Still I am eating well and very good foods.  I really seem to be into Bruno's nippy peppers. Gotta have some every day.  Also I am enjoying cut up chicken with avocado and tomatoes with salsa and tobasco sauce.  I am grilling squash on the George Forman.  It's so easy to do and usually have a big salad in the middle of the day.  Sometimes if I really want something sweet and regular fruit is just not appealing to me I will have a prune or two.  They are quite good.  Something crunchy?  Usually I will have brown rice cakes with almond butter. The one thing  I am dreaming about having is some chile verde come Christmas time.  Won't be going without that.

  TV and newspaper reading has been next to nothing in the past few weeks.  Just not interested in it.  We actually dropped our Netflix subscription as we had the same movies here for months without watching.  We figured it's only going to get busier so we cut it.  

    Most of my cooking for myself is done in bulk.  I will cook a tray of fish or chicken on the weekend and consume it during the week along with my home made dressing which I mix a bottle of for the week as well.  Same with brown rice.  And there is always a bowl of hard boiled eggs in the frig for the kids.  I like to keep the house well stocked.  Stuff happens and its nice to know that there is food in the house that you can grab and go on a moments notice.  

   The evening is spent on finishing homework and finishing some of the cooking for the week.  Soon I will take my first shower of the day in prep for my 4th shot of dmd in the right thigh, say my prayers and hit the sack.  Hope the shot goes as smoothly tonight as last night. My phone has been programed to remind me to take my shot a half hour before (so I can get the med out of frig) and 15 minutes before but I never hear it.  There is just a feeling that I am going to forget before it becomes a habit. And I do forget more regularly about my MS unitil I get a tingle or I open the laundry frig and see the medicine or see that blasted red syringe disposal container. Gotta find a hiding place for that thing and I am still not sure how I handle disposal when I travel.  Okay, enough for today.  Labor Day 2010 is fast coming to an end.


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by twopack, Sep 07, 2010
Hi Julie,

I've enjoyed scanning over your journal entries and learning what works for you and how you are managing your MS.  It sounds like you have an excellent plan and a wonderful family of support.

I thought I might be able to give you a few tips about the copaxone.  Since the drug can be safely unrefrigerated for up to thirty days, I usually take a five pack out of the box and store it in the little vinyl bag that came with the kit the Copaxone autoinjector.  It keeps out the light and I could always grab it as a take along if I am going to be away some evening.  When I use the fifth one, I pull another five pack out of the 'frig.  That means I don't have to remember to pull and warm every night.

If you don't like looking at the used sharps through the disposal container, you could cover it with something to make it less conspicuous.  I don't think much about mine being out in the open any more but I should be more sensitive to others.  My eight year old granddaughter saw mine one day and side stepped away.  My brother-in-law played with the swing top and accidently locked it.

I'd check with your trash disposal company to see how they want you to dispose of the container.  You may only have to seal it shut and put it in your regular trash.  Unless you have some other deadly contangeous disease, the syringes don't present a true biohazard.  You just want to make sure no one along the line can get stuck with any of the needles.

When you travel, you can take along any plastic bottle.  If you don't recap the needle after use, a heavier plastic will be safer.  Just drop your used syringes in (plunger end first) and recap.  When full or finished traveling you can tape over the cap and bottle and write CAUTION:CONTAINS SHARPS on the outside.  Then dispose according to local policy or carry home for disposal.

I've recently seen sharp containers mounted on the wall in a couple of public places, including a restaurant or two.  I suspect this is a service they recognize as necessary for the diabetics that often must check their blood sugar and then inject insulin before every meal.  And of course diabetes is becoming epidemic in the US.  Perhaps an diabetes forum on MedHelp could give us more suggestions.

Keep up the excellent plan and proactive stance you've taken in dealing with your MS..It's a joy to have you around here.

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