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Nightmares / Vivid Dreams??

Aug 19, 2008 - 2 comments

Well - don't know if it is related to my Armour or not, but for the past 2 nights, I have had very vivid dreams and one was most definitely a "nightmare".  I did notice that the one last night, when I woke (at 1:47 a.m.) what I was dreaming was sort of on TV too. I fell asleep with the TV on and when I woke, it was on a show about paranormal activity.  LOL - I guess I was stirring in my sleep and could actually hear the TV which prompted my dream?  I also have a little left arm ache, like a joint or bone ache but that could also be from sleeping last night.  We will see.  I like the Armour.  When I had the dream last night, I did get up and my thyroid was very swollen.  It is not as bad now.  I also missed my noon dose of 1/4 grain Armour yesterday.  Got busy at work and just forgot!

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by Me967, Aug 19, 2008
Kim Hi there.  
I have done that before too watching TV.  One time a had a nightmare that someone was trying to suffocate me.  I woke up to find my 150 pound Dane puppy sleeping across my chest.  LOL.
It bothers me that your thyroid was swollen though.  I hope someone comments on that for you that might have some education or experience on this matter.  I'm still concerned about your carotidynia.  
Take care;  Amy

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by Sammie4258, Aug 19, 2008
Please forgive me for butting in on your postings.  

Me967-----  You really made me laugh with your Dane puppy nightmare.  LOL.... I needed it after having a bad day.  Thanks for helping my mental health better this afternoon.

Kim-------My heart goes out to you.  I have nightmares everynight and it goes on for months at a time.  Like sometimes for 9 months  and then strangely, they will stop for about 2 months and then its back to horrible nightmares.  I was told that when we get that suffocating feeling or like someone is standing over us and we cant move.  Alot of people think they are being possessed or feel a presence.  Anyhows, I was told  that when this happens, it is the bodies own natural way of keeping us safe while we are haveing nightmares.  Is this true???? I don't know.  a possiblity;  One thing is for sure, we have all had the experience.  My 14 year old daughter had one one time and it scared her so bad she asked if she could sleep with me and my husband.  Knowing how scary they are we let her.  
I also have nightmares of dangerous water when my body is sick or overwhelmed.
sounds like you have some health issues that could be playing a part in it.  good luck with everything.

P.s.  I watch paranormal state too.  so I kinda had a chuckle about that too.   sometimes I find I cant watch violent shows before bedtime or I will have nightmares. It happens to us all
HEy, take care.

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