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6 weeks negative

Sep 06, 2010 - 4 comments

Last 10 days were really nerve wracking.
After I was told by the doctor that I am propably infected and he actualy started discussing HIV medications and my options !!

I had very little hope and was getting ready for bad news.
I went to the HIV Center and asked for my results from the Dr in charge there, she told me to go to counseling.
I thought okay, that's it, she could not just tell me my results directly because I am positive but later I found out that this is the procedure and post test results (neg or pos) must be given with couseling.
Sitting there, a man with the saddest eyes you can see was waiting before me. a Dr came to him and he was asking about CD4 tests and medications. I will never forget this man and the look on his eyes.
I went in and told them my number, my heart was beating so fast, and "Thx God, you are negative for HIV".
What !
This was propably the happiest moment of my life yet.

- What about the positive result I got and the Dr who was talking to me about medications !
- She said do not worry we have done all required tests and you are not HIV pos
- Shall I test again.
- No, 6 weeks is enough. From now on take care of yourself and always use condoms for sexual intercourses.

: )  I got out to my friend who came with me and told him I am negative. He wanted to kill me : )

Went to work, took my mobile and posted the negative result for all my good friends on medhelp.

Thx God and thx my friends for your care and support.

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by macktt, Sep 06, 2010
Good for you!!!!
Did you have a rapid test or full blood test? Just curious, as I did a rapid test and it was negative at 10 weeks and I was told I did not need to test again.

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by naveea, Sep 07, 2010

Rapid tests are as reliable as lab tests....


Dont come back here to medhlep... take my advice... you will just be circling this site doubting your results even if test negative  @ 3months (thats whats happening to me)

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by vikasverma, Sep 07, 2010
Fantastic man!!! I knew it..

Am convinced. You can get HIV only if u are having unprotected sex.... Symptoms mean nothing..

God bless u as well as the HIV Pos people.. Am opitmistic that medical science will get the breakthru within next 10-15 years..

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by 5ateya, Sep 07, 2010
As this was my first time and because of too much alcohol, I didn't know/remember if I used the condom correctly or not.
That's why I was so worried.

But really I had this thought, If you were to wear a glove on your hand and put it in a snake's pit. You know the glove will protect but it's still a risky situation or at least not comfortable. Now, the pit is a woman's vagina, snakes are tiny invisible HIV viruses, if you are infected you would not know for a while, you may or may not have any symptoms if you do, symptoms are very confusing (fatigue and headaches !!) .. Wow I would choose the snake's pit instead : )

But still as all medical experts state, condoms are very reliable if used correctly in preventing HIV infection but I hope I do not go thru this risk again.

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