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Stepping back

Sep 08, 2010 - 0 comments

  I had a relatively good night's sleep. Alarm went off at 6:15am.  It had rained most of the night and was still coming down.  Took a look at my hip injection site.  No evidence of anything.  No symptoms either this morning. Very cool. Spent a few extra minutes in bed with one of the dogs. She loves to cuddle which she hasn't been getting enough of lately.  Had a bowl of blueberries and strawberries then took the kids to school in our boat, I mean car, in my pj bottoms and a t-shirt.  Normally I LOVE the rain but with so much to do outside the house, it's just delaying work.  Oh well, it's here and wishing it was not isn't going to change it so I will try and enjoy it.

  Today is the first day of the new school year for MIT (Mother's in touch).  It is a group of mom's who have children at our local High School.  I don't know the whole history but it was formed to promote fellowship with Christian women who wanted to get together to pray for the staff and families/children at the school.  We meet at a house in the district (it's just down the street from me) at 9am on Wednesdays and pray as a group and then pair off for smaller group prayer for our children.  The whole thing only lasts about an hour and let me tell you there are some mighty prayer warriors there.  It is wonderful to fellowship with these women, pray for their children and have them pray for yours. Everything that is spoken there is confidential so we can open up about what is weighing on our hearts.  Today was the first since May and there were 13 of us there.  It was good stuff and I am so happy to be back in the routine of going and sharing about my love of God.

  After, I worked on the computer a while getting that PTA stuff that I collected last night done and off my list.  Made a few calls then out the door to drop off some goodies at a relatives home, swing by Half Price books for some english reading assignements the kids have later in the semester, then hit Sam's for the normal household supplies.  The rain kept most people at home or work I guess b/c most places were empty.  Good.  I got my errands done in no time.  While I was getting cash at the bank I saw our dog's vet sign and realized they had called a couple of weeks ago for a doggie check up and I hadn't returned the call.  Ahhhhhh, not sure how I am going to fit that in this month as my schedule seems to change on a moments notice.

   Unloaded the car, put the salmon in the oven, walked the dogs and called the vet. They have an opening at 3pm today.  Great, I think, today is the only day I can say I will be able to make this appt for sure.  The rest of the day will be working on the kitchen, cooking and making more piles for the dh to take away.

  That salmon was much too good looking to not have some for lunch and the good thing about broiling is that it's done in a flash.  I like it just a little crispy around the edges.  That and a salad completed my lunch.  I took some of the new vitamin D drops.  No taste, no mess.  Very easy to put some drops on a spoon and lick it off and you are done.  No wonder it's so expensive.

   I tried to get an appt with the chair massage lady that I have been seeing on Monday's but it looks like it's a no go for this week.  She is busy and I am really not interested in a table massage at this point.  I don't have that kind of time and the expense is much more than my usual 1/2 hour chair massage.  Besides I don't want anyone messing with my newly injected hip right now.

  Not sure the weather is going to allow me to get into the pool today so I am just going to have to try some in house streching and relaxing.  I find while I am exercising I have my conversations with God.  While I was training for the marathon a few years back I never listened to music on my long training runs, I would just talk with God.  It was very entertaining. God is very, very funny.

  It is nice to take a step back today and not be so busy.  Hummm, maybe the rain has forced me to do that.  Humm, this may be God's way of looking out for me and reminding me to keep focused on not the things of this world but on Him. Certainly that is not what I would be doing if the sun were out and my projects were first and foremost on my list.  And oh no, I don't think that God would send the rain just for me but the rain has changed many peoples plans today.  It caused a ripple so to speak.  His hand is big enough to effect every single one of us at any time, all at the same time.

  A dear woman on the forum wrote me with some advice on some of my challenges with copaxone.  She recommended that I take out a pack of shots (they come 5 to a pack) and put them in my injection pouch (need a dark place).  Since they last for 30 days with out refrigeration I can safely use them during the 5 days they are not in the frig. Wow, great idea. Now I don't have to worry about remembering to take a shot out a 1/2 hour before my nightly shot.  She also recommended contacting our local trash deparment about disposal of the syringes and to use a smaller hard plastic container when I travel.  The travel container doesn't have to be "official" as long as it is labeled that it has sharp objects in it.  It is amazing how much good information comes my way just when I express the need for it.  Blessed, blessed, blessed is all I can think of.

  Took dog to vet.  I was hoping for a normal annual but no, not with this mutt.  Teeth, eye, and ear problems along with worms in her stool.  My new daily duties now include brushing her teeth and cleaning out her ear wax in addition to daily medicine for 3 weeks!  I need this like a hole in the head right now.  I am already giving the other dog 3 times a day eye medicine.  This does not put me in a good mood.  But what really puts me in the worst mood is hearing that she has an eye problem that will probably cause her to eventually lose her eye sight.  Nothing they can do even though she is only 4 yrs old.  I am going to have to process this.

  The kids convinced me to go to Starbucks after school.  We rarely do it and I had promised them a couple of weeks ago in the middle of dx and didn't.  They had both done well on their math and chemistry tests so I was easy to convince.  Then it was back home again for homework for them and cleaning out the kitchen cabinets for me.  Tonight was bake potato night so the cooking was easy.  We also have plenty of pizza but I am saving that for tomorrow night.  Friday night is sandwiches for vball night.

   Dh got home a little later than normal due to the rain.  The kids always enjoy putting together their potatoes and dh has his plus the skins of the kids potatoes too.  I wasn't very hungry so I just had a salad with no meat.  Right after, the kids again jumped into homework then baking muffins for a friends birthday tomorrow.  I worked on some sewing for one of them then some computer work.  Before I knew it it was shot time.  Dh helped pick out the right spot on my right hip.  Didn't feel the needle go in but felt that familiar burning sensation after.  A few minutes of using the ice pack and I was back to normal.  Tomorrow night will be the 7th shot out of 7 and the only site left is the abdomen.  Ellen said most everyone likes the abdomen.  Hope I am one of them.

  Sx today have been mild.  Nothing when I first got up, then periodically throughout the day some burning sensation in my right foot.  No tingling though as in days past.  No two days are the same.  Not sure if that is my new normal or if my body is fighting to mend itself and will suceed.  Time will tell.  I use that line a lot, time will tell, but it does.  It implies that we sometimes just have to let it unfold and happen. It cannot be rush or manipulated.

  Goodness, I am thinking it's been another incredibly long day even though I stepped back a little. Dh says lots of yawning going on when he looks at me.  So I guess I will take the cue and head for bed.


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