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Dr appt/not so good

Sep 08, 2010 - 4 comments

9/8 Went the Dr, received some bad news today. My Re went over my entire protocol with me. Here where the findings and the Opps....In May they did my blood work and Egg reserve. They found 9 eggs on each ovary, but my hormone level was almost premenopausal. Re said she thought something was messed up with the blood work. When I started my IVF meds, my follicles was growing too slow for her so they bumped up my meds. Did 3 extra days on the meds and they finally jumped passed the 16mm. Retrieval Went great, but only 5 follicles. Out of 5 eggs, 1 died, 2 not immature, 2 fertilized but only 1 survived. I found out that the Embryo that was put back was only a 5 cell grade B. She said it was growing slow and thought if it was in its natural state it will survive. My lining and levels were Great, but the embryo didn’t survive.

My Re says, well if you do this again I will change your protocol and more meds. Now I know you are about to be premenopausal I have to treat you like your in your 40's. Also, she keep saying please don’t wait long cause you might not have any eggs before the age of 35. All I can say was WOW....I am more upset about them not telling me I am almost premenopausal then getting a negative on my pregnancy. Now, I have to find money to do this again and the meds are about to kill my pockets, because of the higher dosage. She told me the meds are $6,500 and procedure is about $12,500 cover ivf, icsi & azh. I am just tripping off of the expense. Today has been a bummed day for me. I think I am going to find another Re to get a second opinion and find a better price. Never in a million years would I ever think I would have a Fertility issue. I choose not to have anymore children until I got married. Now if I don’t act fast may not have any eggs left for a biological child.  I am praying for God to guide me and show me what my options are financially.

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1438491 tn?1286286673
by truebeliever, Sep 10, 2010
Praying for u! God will lead you to the right direction girl.....Check out this website it has a bunch of TTC prayers and I can relate to so much of it!!  Baby Dust to you hun.

1462588 tn?1345061795
by TAGLAS, Oct 28, 2010
WOW .............. I really pray that things will work out for you guys. Everything will work it's self out :)

766586 tn?1284383198
by peppypeep, Nov 27, 2010

Please get a second opinion.  And do some research on the next hospital for their IVF statistics.  Not sure where you live but in the Northeast our IVF is covered by insurance - cost $0, meds maybe $250 tops.  Time to move?  Think  about it.

What is your FSH?  why do they think your ovarian reserve is so low?

I took a lot of supplements to help lower the FSH, grow more follies and get more eggs.  Here is what I took and it will be worth the investment.

DHEA - 50 mg per day, no more than 3 months,do NOT take during b/c pills or stims, purchased at Vitamin shoppe
Coenzyme Q 10: 100mg twice per day, bought at pharmacy
Fish oil pills: take 2 times per day (a.m. and p.m.), bought at pharmacy
baby aspirin: once per day, good to take with DHEA, bought at pharmacy, do not take once you start b/c pills and stims
prenatal vitamin
Royal Jelly/Bee pollen: comes in a jar in hard honey, take 2 scoops twice per day, bought at Vitamin shoppe, DO NOT refrigerate!!!  Do NOT take once you have Egg Transfer - the bacteria in the jelly can hurt the baby.
Wheatgrass powder: take 2 scoops (or 3) per day, mix with OJ (or water), refrigerate!, MUST take this! bought an organic, gluten free version on
Melatonin liquid: take only before bedtime, 3-5mg dose, helps with sleep and egg quality, bought at Vitamin World

Take all of this stuff for 3 months prior to your next IVF.  When you start b/c pills stop taking baby aspirin and DHEA and melatonin.  Take everything else until you reach the Egg Transfer, then stop taking Royal Jelly and Coenzyme Q 10. .  You can continue to take wheatgrass, fish oil, prenatal after egg transfer.

DO NOT DRINK ANY ALCOHOL OR SMOKE while taking these supplements or you will ruin the effectiveness.
What I learned is that the older we get the less the body can absorb vitamins, so when I was young I may have absorbed 80% of the vitamins, I now only absorb maybe 60%.  So you need these supplements to fill in those gaps.

I was unable to take this for 3 months but took most for 5 -8 weeks.  I had 3 follies last time and 2 eggs.  This time I had 6 follies and 6 eggs!  Yay!   I will let you know what the fertilization report is.

The most powerful on this list is the DHEA and the wheatgrass, both will really help your egg quality and follies, just so you know - but everything I took I had read is supposed to help with egg quality.  
Good luck to you and hope this helps!

PS.  There is some evidence that after taking DHEA lots of women became preg naturally, this could be your case since you are so young.  Also, if you are overweight, try to take off 10-15 pounds, you can do this by tracking your food intake online and setting caloric goals to follow each day (I used and the "MyPlate" function - lost 25 pounds in 3 months and didn't have to work out more than 2x per week!).  - Pep

296076 tn?1371334474
by melimeli, Nov 27, 2010
I got my meds from france it was about half the price.  My RE gave me the site online where I could get them.. good luck

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