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Sep 09, 2010 - 0 comments

Good Lord, my pregnancy symptoms have kicked in heavily now. Even though I'm deadly tired past 9 o'clock in the evening, I can't fall asleep properly. I feel like I'm going through puberty again. Got very hard time getting up in the morning, my mom is probably starting to wonder what's going on!
I passed by a babyshop yesterday and decided to go in to check out the maternity clothes. There was a line of cute stuffed animals and I wanted to buy one as a present for my boyfriend, a.k.a. nervous daddy-to-be and started crying. I don't know why; I felt pretty okay, at least not as bad as I should've for breaking down in the middle of a store. The lady working there came over and I stood there explaining, with tears treaming down my face, that I found out that I'm pregnant only a few days ago and that I have no idea why I'm currently crying. The woman rubbed my back and nodded with an understanding smile on her face. "It''s very normal, hun." she told me. It made me cry even more.

The nastiest thing is now is the heartburn that has started yesterday evening (at least i think it's heartburn. It's a burning sensation on my chest, starting after I feel a little nauseous). Oh yeah, the nausea has hit me too, somewhat. Not the puky kind, just the nasty I-am-hungry-but-nauseous-at-the-same-time kind. Add to that the feeling that I've just had a boob-enlargement, that my nipples are about to pop off and throughout everything I have to eat all day long.

Finally, after 3 weeks of not seeing each other, the Boyfriend and me will see each other on either Friday evening or Saturday morning. Finally! I can't wait to see him, I've missed him so much! He said he's very eager to say hello to his baby for the first time :D

Preggo with numero uno
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