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One day at a time!

Aug 19, 2008 - 3 comments

I am new to this anxiety thing.....and I hate it! But on a good note I did sleep a little better last night. It was only for about 4 hours, but it was a more sound sleep!! Went to my cardiologist today, he increased my medication and I have a treadmill stress test and echo-cardiogram tomorrow. At least I can make sure there is nothing seriously wrong with my heart!! I actually drove myself today!!YEA!! But on the way home my anxiety kicked in! And what is up with this light sensitivity?? and feeling like you're in a daze!! God help me deal with this! And where are your friends when you need them!! When I DO get the urge to leave the house, there is not a friend to be found! Nor do they come and visit me! If it wasn't for my boyfriend (who gets on my nerves...God bless his soul) I would be bad off!! It seems that no one understands this condition, or either they down play its seriousness! They think it is just simple as taking the medication, and things are better! No one understands me and what I am going through! This has changed my life drastically and put my dreams on hold!!!! This suck! And that's my day!!

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by Momto3, Aug 19, 2008
So sorry you're feeling so frustrated.  I assure you, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  The road may be a bit rocky and there will be some detours, but you will get through this.

Many times, our friends feel helpless and they don't understand or know how to help.  Don't blame them; they just don't understand.  You will not be able to rely on someone all of the time, so be proud of yourself for driving to your appointment today.  Baby steps : )

Glad to hear you slept better last night.  Sleep helps a lot!!


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by lagoya, Aug 19, 2008
u are moving in the positive way and at least when your tests are finished the anxiety and worry may ease off a bit.
i know when i found out about my svt i had no-one to talk too about who would understand all my friends are scared to mention the heart -it amazed me .u will be fine .sleep is so important u know try to unwind when u go to bed read a book or do some yoga listen to some music just things to clear your mind like before it's just about finding a pattern.

hope your tests go well for you
best wishes

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by manthalatrice, Aug 19, 2008
Thanks you guys!! I am sooooo glad I found this forum! I dont know what I would do with out it!!

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