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I had a Banana Split from DQ. MM Good

Sep 10, 2010 - 1 comments

Ah the simple things, driving 2.5 hours to watch my son get inducted into the Honor Society for his freshman grades in college (he is sophmore now), drove back and saw a DQ (it has been a long time since I even wanted a Big ole Banana Split... I ate the whole thing. It was great. Day 11, Not to shabby.  I have had moments, even today. But as they say on this forum, starting to get confortable in my own skin.
Going back tomorrow for a college football game..  Thanks to all on this forum, I get inspired by every post I read.. God Bless my MH Family.

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by dominosarah, Sep 11, 2010
Come to Minnesota and i will make you a Banana Split that you wont ever forget!!  Yep i work at DQ!!!

Congrats on 11 days clean and for your son being inducted to the Honor Society~~~~~sara

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