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Yet another visit from my MIL

Sep 11, 2010 - 5 comments

Oh joy, it's a godd thing Hubby doesn't know my password for this lol.  My annoying MIL is coming to visit us for the 3rd time this week.  Enough is enough already.  I just about had it when she said the pics that I handed out were inappropriate.  (we went and had some pics done at Sears and heaven forbid one of Vaun's nipples was showing).  Who does this woman thinks she is?  Not to mention that on several occasions she has called herself Mommy to Vaun!!!!!!  If looks could kill I'd be in jail for sure by now.  She wants us to go to church with her tomorrow.  I have nothing against church, it's just that if I choose to go it's because I decided to, not because she's telling me to.  She doesn't listen to what we say.  If I tell her he's hungry, she says he isn't.  If I tell her to hold him upright to work on his neck muscles, she either lays him on his back or just cradles him.  Myaybe I'm overreacting.  I'm really concerned about the dev of his neck muscles.  He's not propping himself up on his elbows and falls asleep as soon as I put him on his tummy for tummy time.  The only thing I can do is carry him facing  outwards to try to get some excersize that way.  I can't even do that for long since he's heavy!  I think some strawberry Zinfandel may be needed to get me through this visit lol.  

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by Ladybugbc, Sep 12, 2010
hahahahahahahahaaaaa!!! You crack me up!!! (although when you live it it's not that funny)
My MIL is also a nut case. We agreed to have her visit us for the birth of our son simply b'cos she was in NY at the time and her's was the shortest flight compared to having my mom visit us.
She made my life so miseralble. She did not lift a finger to help me with amy thing around the house. With over 15stiches on my episiotomy I had to go and cook for her just 5days after delivery. All she did was just sit on the couch and complaint about her Artheritis. (I was alone with her as DH got a accepted a position and had to leave to ON as soon as we came home from the hospital).. thank God she's gone back now and is not close enough to make regular visits.
can't you get yr hybby to talk to yr MIL? that way you will always be the good daughter in law and she will never blame her son for any least that's how it goes at our house  :D

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by blueyes34, Sep 12, 2010
LOL!  Lucky you that she isn't close lol!  He's made comments to her in the past and then it's the old poor me routine and how lonely she is.  Maybe if she would make some friends she could focus on something other than making us miserable lol.  She lives 10 min away and it's too close for comfort lol.  My Grandmother invited her to come along on our annual family get together because she felt bad for her.  I know she's going to want to sit in the back with the baby and I'm not going to let her.  It's an hour and a half drive and it would drive me nuts to hear her talk to him and wake him up for the car ride.  She came over last night and woke him up out of a dead sleep to hold him.  God help me!!!!!  Maybe we could arrange a trip for my MIL to visit with your MIL LOL!!!

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by pertykitty, Sep 12, 2010
oh dear are all mils like that?  mine never helps either, just watches me and says "wow you have your hands full"!!  well get your butt off the couch and do something to help!  she also does the poor me crap.  she never called when macy had surgery then lied and said she called and left 2 msgs.  never, not on the machine or the caller id.  she knows our number because in the past year she called once.  

i feel for you, mine lives far away and i see her once maybe twice a year.  twice is too much lol.  i make comments now and tell her a thing or two.  she eventually backs off.  when it comes to my kids, i never keep my mouth shut!  i remember when i was nursing addison she came to visit.  addy was like a few months old and was cluster feeding.  she kept saying over and over "she cant be hungry again, you are spoiling her"!! wtf!!!!!!  have a glass of wine and slip her a sleeping pill in her tea haha

725941 tn?1297882209
by blueyes34, Sep 12, 2010
That's a good one lol!  I'd love to dope her up to keep her quiet!  There's not enough wine in the world that can make me relax around that woman lol.  How's Macy doing?  She looks great!

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by LiLinz, Sep 28, 2010
Why is it that our husbands parents visit us 5 times as much as our own? Mine know to give me privacy his just want to suffocate my son!!! They always come over at dinner time too!! They visted me from 1pm till 11pm the day i gave birth which is fine, I told my hubby no visits the next day so i could rest well, his fam still came from 1 till 11 again!!!! Then the day after i was back from the hospital the home visits started, i swear the baby is gonna be 3 months on oct 7th and i have had at least 35 visits, from his parents and going nuts!!!! sorry i had to vent!!

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