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Well for those of you who did not guess, I over did it...

Sep 11, 2010 - 2 comments



Panic Disorder


Anxiety Disorder





Well I had to back up and slow things down...and that means I also slowed down the counseling. So I'm not having a hard time getting out any more and I still have a ton of places to go. And I got the money together a bit ago to pay someone to help me get my art room put together and there is still lots to do, but it has helped so much you have no idea. And I'm going to be so proud when its done and oh yes I have paid someone but I had to be with them because they did not know what I wanted or did not want and today (sat) I have spent the whole day up here and putting things together each thing I own is put in its place now. Sewing with sewing and the fabric is sorted by color and print and then all my writing stuff is at the desk and my lap top can come from my room to my art room and all the pens and papers and cards and such is sorted by size and color and then all the scape booking stuff is put in its place I still need to sort and then all the painting stuff is in its place but I have to fine tune that one I can see as I sit here and write what needs to move and what will work better.

Now I do have to tell everyone that my Antidepressant is working really well and I also have to say "Thank You all that helped me on post about Pain" and I am looking into a bunch of that info and I have been doing kind of ok. But I still have it and so I'm looking one into the pain patch ...can't remember the name and then I will go see the doc on the rest....So I'm taking each thing slow now...I have backed off on walking since I'm doing so much around here and my son just went back to school and I'm not into a routine yet with it...So I will be working on that and I"m still working on my mood and my out look...

Sometimes it is a ***** feeling everything too by the way and I'm also at that age when you say to yourself what do I do with the rest of my life

Well I wanted to up date everyone and thanks for reading

Loves and hugs Rhea

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1184961 tn?1292574076
by DeeJaye45, Sep 11, 2010
Pain patch is Lidoderm I believe

1398919 tn?1293841604
by Rainbow_Ike, Sep 12, 2010
Lidoderm is an Rx pain patch which is pretty good. Used it on my arthritic knees - the trick was keeping it on my knees since they are designed for  flat skin, but I found the trick. It is Name Brand.

Rhea darling, always remember that life is a matter of "Three steps forward and one step back.", especially when we age.


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