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Perfect relationship "temporarily" ended

Sep 11, 2010 - 0 comments



3 years


My girlfriend


perfect relationships

I've been dating my... well I'll call her my girlfriend for this, we've been dating for almost 3 years now and honestly our relationship couldn't have been better we only had 4 fights and what we call fights are what others would just call arguments because they weren't huge, we've dealt with almost every relationship problem there's been, but she told me today she  needed to take a break, she claimed it wasn't me, and that it was her, that she needed to find herself again, she went to Africa about 2 and a half months ago and told me that ever since she got back she feels like she's faking all of it, not faking the love between us but for example she feels she has to force herself to do things for our relationship, she doesn't feel it comes naturally anymore.

I know most people would say something along the lines of "your a teenager there are many fish in the sea blah ditty blah", Yes I'm 18, but we really had a serious relationship that was ALL ABOUT the relationship, it wasn't about sex it wasn't about making out, thought we did things, we both wanted the relationship most.

I would say we had one of the best relationships on this planet, as I said rare fights, no real arguments, we are polar opposites but our personalities work great.

Well anyways before we even started dating we said we would try to remain best friends regardless of whatever happens to our relationship. We made that promise and always said we were two best friends that dated, pretty much and we always saw each other as both, her and I know each other so well  we can finish each-others sentences predict everything each other will do. Anyways, I gave her a promise ring a long time ago, I gave it to her with several big promises all of which carried on past just our relationship as a couple. I told her I would always love her and be there for her no matter what life brings, regardless of whether we're together or not.
I told her I would never cheat on her it'd hurt me much more than her(the only couple type one)
and a couple others

anyways she said she wants to go back to being best friends "temporarily" to see if doing that will cause anything to change, making her want to come back. God I hope she comes back, I know these temporary breaks never work but I really hope she does. I've prayed for close to 3 hours today over this. I really love her, and she says she still loves me alot, but she feels it's something she has to do.

I'm considering giving her a check for $200-$400 to help her in paying for her ticket to go back to Africa, she went there the first time and hasn't stopped dreaming or thinking about it since, she told me it's really changed her life, I know it may not save my relationship with her, but I really want to show her I support her regardless of what happens.

ohhh great.... right after I submitted this an ad popped up saying "rewrite your man's imperfections" what a great ******* night.......

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