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How to gain muscle

Aug 19, 2008 - 0 comments







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muscle gain

Alright so here it is I want to know how to gain muscle the natural way but the thing is, is that my matabolisom is to high and I havent been able to gain any muscle mass period Ive tried drinkin raw eggs and milk mix nothin I tried weight lifting nothing and then I heard that my problem was that I have to high of matabolisom I mean i have eaten 13 hotdogs, two strawberry short cakes, a chicken sandwich, and 4 cans of pop in one sitting and never gained a pound you can count each on of my ribs and im only 160 lbs at 6"3 im so skinny I can see my collar bone, my shoulder blades, the big bone on top of my shoulder right next to my neck, and i can grab both sides of my shin bone in my legs and you can see it, not to mention i can grab the bones in both arms im just tired of being skinny I also heard that i just had to wait untill my matabolisom lowered but i dont want to wait that long anybody got suggestions?

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