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Saturday was a blur

Sep 12, 2010 - 0 comments

Yesterday was a blur.  Up at 6 something and off to Home Depot for some tile.  Dh was taking one child to an athletic event that they would be ref'ing in.  Other child stayed in bed. And only got up when workmen arrived.

Most of my day was spent working on house. Lots of painting, cleaning, sorting, spackling, power washing, etc.  Can't tell you where the time went.  I did manage to get into the pool for a 45 min swim.  Heaven!  It was suppose to rain yesterday but didn't.  Great for me in many ways as I was able to finish some outside house activities and do my swimming.  More than that though I was just beautiful to be outiside. The humidy kicked up in the afternoon so I shifted my work indoors at that point. Kids spent most of afternoon on homework and on computer.

Slowly projects are getting done.  I hope to be finished with my portion by mid to late week. It remains to be seen if others will be done with theirs by then.

Symtoms were very mild yesterday.  Some outside right foot heat in the middle of the day and by the end of the day both my feet hurt BUT I don't think that was related to MS, it had everything to do with being on my feet all day.  You know the feeling, the feet just feel like you have been on them too long and are screaming for some time off.

Shot last night was a bit after 9pm as even at that late, there were things happening here.  Right arm was the victim.  Dh and I chose site a little up and to the left of last week's right arm site.  It may have been too to the left (not enough fat) as I could feel needle going in and there was small amount of liquid on my arm when needle was pulled out.  Similar burning and some soreness after, as I have with all the shots.  

Bedtime was around 10:30pm, right after I gave dh a haircut and one of the dogs the last of her 3X's a day eye drops.  Sleep came quickly.

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