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Sep 12, 2010 - 0 comments

Woke at 12:30am and was stunned when I looked at the clock.  Two hours is not enough sleep!  Managed to fall back asleep and awoke again alittle after 5am.  Stayed in bed but wasn't able to fall asleep again. Dh's alarm went off at 6:15am.  What could possibly be going on on a Sunday where you have to set alarm at 6:15am?   "Bike", he said.  "What?", I said.  "A bike race", then said.  Great.  I got up to get on computer, he got up to walk dogs (too early for me and I am sore from yesterday's work).  He is out the door by 7:15 and I am having a bowl of fruit while working on the computer. I hadn't gotten to my journal entry yesterday due to the house activities and the kids being on the computer and wanted to catch up.

I need to make another run to Home Depot and to the grocery today.  The kids will be going to a Jonas Brothers softball event with several of their friends (courtesy of dh's employer).  There will be a church youth parent's meeting tonight and of course general church activities.

My mind drifts to my friend recovering from her surgery.  Oh, I bet she is really sore.  Hopefully the drugs are strong and constant so she can get some rest and recover.  She has a fantastic husband and two wonderful kids. They are a very funny (as in humorous) family and their zest for life just draws you in.  The mom and I trade jokes back and forth about religion (they are Jewish), but in a light hearted way.  

And then there is my friend who is still facing her dad's death.  Such a sweet phone message she left for me yesterday.  How she is able to focus so much on others when she is going through so much is beyond my grasp.  She sent out a prayer patrol request for peace for her father.  He is not taking food or liquids so it's just a matter of time now.  Her description of his impact on her life and how she would like to be present to see him reunited with his father, mother, and wife was very touching.  Oh what an event that will be!  She is handing this so well but I know she would give the Lord the credit.  "God's grace is sufficient", she always says.

Hum, got a text from a friend wanting to have coffee this mornining.  I say yes.  The Starbucks is by Home Depot so I can have some me time and get an errand done at the same time. Dogs are fed and one has her first round of eye drops already.  I have taken my vitamins and had my first intake of food.  So, I will make my list for Home Depot and the grocery and get this day started.

Went to coffee w friend. Brought along my own tea, water and a piece of chicken (the last one in the frig) and talked about homecoming (mostly) with this other mom.  There are t-shirts to be ordered, garters, dresses, dinner plans to make, after parties to plan, etc.  Not a small affair.  Spent about 1 1/2 hr with her before we realized that we needed to be home in 1/2 hr. So much for combining errands!

Several kids were going to be dropped off at our house at 11am at which time my friend would come by with her daughter and take them all to the softball game w the Jonas Bro's.  We would pick up this afternoon.  Then it was clothes shopping at the mall looking for the perfect outfit for homecoming. Ah, to be young again and get so excited over that.

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