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I believe God has guided me today.

Sep 12, 2010 - 0 comments






I started out the day crying my eyes out before leaving home, to go to church and do my volunteer work(I've been doing it for years) last night I prayed at the church for multiple hours straight, over my relationship with my girlfriend. I keep calling her that because right now that's how I still see her, it's hard for me to see her otherwise.

Anyways this is the interesting part, immediately after church I decided I had to do something for myself I couldn't take the pain anymore, I rode my bike down a highway nearby (speed limit is 55 so it's not like i was on a 70 mph road) anyways I decided to try to bike as hard as I could until I couldn't bike anymore mainly to mask the pain, I outlasted my own prediction, I kept following the same road because it follows the Mississippi river, anyways, I kept going and going and going I went a whole 13 miles, I eventually passed my girlfriends house by about a mile, I didn't intentionally do this, anyways I suddenly felt I couldn't bike anymore, I was way to weak I felt I couldn't even bike across the street in time before the light turned green. When that happened it dawned on me, there was a reason I was there, there was a reason I got tired at that exact point. I biked on over to Target went in got flowers, got a card bought them then borrowed a pen from the cashier and sat for about 10-15 minutes writing to my girlfriend, I told her that it will be hard for me to go back to being friends, and that I don't believe temporary breakups ever work, but I told her I would do my best to remain her best friend. We were best friends before we got together and we both want to remain best friends even through this, I pray to God that we'll go back together but I still don't believe in "temporary" break-ups.

anyways I brought all of that stuff and was planning on leaving it on her car then her dad popped out of the garage as I was about to do it, he doesn't know yet. I said hi, and left them on a table when all of a sudden as I'm leaving my girlfriend stops me at the foot of her drive-way and I look up thinking "oh gawd, I didn't intend for this to happen" anyways I went inside didn't tell her I biked until later but anyways we talked things through and agree even though we're not together we're still best friends and we can help each-other through anything, even oddly enough helping each-other through our own splitting up. I told her to call me if she starts feeling down about this, and she told me to do vice versa, we both know we're both going to be crying like crazy but it's not as hard knowing oddly enough that we're there for each-other.

I personally believe God answered my prayers from last night and sent me there to do that.

I may volunteer at a church but I'm not a jesus freak and I don't point to God whenever something happens, but this was really amazing and what I still find odd is that she told me that she had a feeling I would somehow show up. She didn't think I'd bike that far that's for sure but she somehow felt I would.

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