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As the stomach turns

Sep 14, 2010 - 0 comments

I am back after a short hiatus .The last few days have not been good .I have been having a lot more pain and generally feeling crappy .I have never felt so fatigued in my whole life .Needless to say my homestead looks like a bomb went off in it .I have forced myself to get up and attend to it but , I am having to sit down and rest every few minutes so I will write whilst I am resting . This really bites .Every time I think it can't possibly get any worse it does .I am so ready for surgery .I think it is coming down to being a have to kinda thing . Other than my health things here at the Melissaky homestead has been calm .My hubby put down one of our steers last week .It has been hanging in the cooler aging and they worked it up this weekend .I of course was no help .We got 50 pkgs of steak and 40 of hamburger so that's going to save us oodles of money .It kept getting out and we were afraid a car was going to hit it or something .It was gonna happen anyway just did a little sooner .My son is head over heels in love I think .He and Krista have been spending a lot of time together . They have been hanging out here a lot which is cool .I keep looking at her and imagining what my grandchildren would look like .LOL!! I know it's way soon for something  like that but I can dream can't I ? All of my girlfriends have grandbabies and they say that gb's are the best thing in the world .I want one !! My hubby's friends were teasing me the other night saying they could see me with a needle poking holes in all of his condoms .LOL!!! I hope I am not that bad !!! I do want a grandbaby but I can wait .My son is only 22 so there is plenty of time for that .I will certainly look the part of granny .LOL!! Seriously , I have aged 10 yrs over the last year .I quit coloring my hair and I cannot believe how many gray hairs are popping out . My complexion is gray too and wrinkles keep coming .I think I am going to start telling people I am 55 instead of 45 so I can still get compliments on how good I look for my age .lol  be my luck people would just believe I am 55 .Ya can't win for losing .Well I am going to close for now .....stay tuned

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