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My own lil Vent... Bad mothers.

Sep 14, 2010 - 5 comments

First of all, does anyone watch Steve Wilkos show? Im watching it right now, and its about a bad mother caught on tape.  She took a hit off a pipe with weed in it and blew it in her babies mouth, not sure how old the baby was but didnt look any older then a year.  Mothers these days are so horrible, i could never imagine hurting my son on purpose.  and its not just mothers, I watched on the news last week at work, about a nanny Throwing, kicking, slapping, a 11 months old I think or younger not sure, she grabbed him by the arm and threw him in the pack n play, was throwing stuff at his head, once she missed and got mad that she missed and just walked over to him and knocked him over by slapping him in the head.  and she hit him like 7 times in a row once.   all because she had a fricking headache and the kid wouldnt stop crying... Are you kidding me, for one all you got to do is comfort them and they will stop crying, is she that dumb that shes not gonna think. "hmm, maybe if i stop hurting him, he'll stop crying".  People are so cruel.  Makes me just grab up my son and hold him and kiss him.. How could a mother do that.  I cant even go two minutes without kissing my son, or talking to him or playing with him(unless hes sleeping of course) .  Then it was like last week sometime, on the Steve Wilkos show where a mother was locking her son up uinto a dark room upstairs for hours at a time, with a wet, dirty diaper, and not feeding him for days.  He was ripping his own diapers off himself so he didnt have to sit in filth, and the room he was in was soooo dirty as well...  God I just wanna take these children in my arms and hold them

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1222635 tn?1366396286
by mom2ariana, Sep 14, 2010
yeah thats really sad that breaks my heart. as a mom your children trust you the most...and having a little baby i see how much she loves me and depends on me the most out of everyone. i can't imagine breaking her trust like that. i could never do anything to hurt her. i love the bond i have with her and how much she trusts me...ahh it just makes me so upset thinking about those little babies confused by what their mommies are doing to them. i can't imagine. those women should be sentenced to death. or prison for life...that to me is worse.

1123420 tn?1350561158
by ammanda, Sep 14, 2010
I completly agree. One thing that really upset me was the nanny, up on the stand she had the nerve to say "im sorry" are u serious, if i was the mother id kill her again for saying sorry. lol....  But yea I told my boss that if that were me and my nanny did that, we wouldnt even make it to the court room cause id kill her first.  But thank god ill never have to worry about that, my son will never be with a nanny or a day care person. thank god

1222635 tn?1366396286
by mom2ariana, Sep 14, 2010
ya i know how you feel. she'll never have a nanny  cause i can't afford it but she might be in day care at some point..we have to have another source of income.

964234 tn?1331949207
by HeatherLF16, Sep 14, 2010
I don't watch that show, but just hearing about things like that make me sick to my stomach and bring tears to my eyes.  Babies are angels and know nothing but instict and the love they feel for their moms.  I feel so lucky every day to be my angels favorite person in the world.  I can't imagine how anyone could harm these poor little babies.  I agree with mom2ariana these people should be sentenced to life and I will take it a step further and say tortured.  

1173196 tn?1292916490
by KarenDiane, Sep 14, 2010
Those are really disturbing stories. I used to watch talk shows, but I would get so upset that I had to stop. I just don't know how people can be so horrible to babies and children.

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