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cycle day 6

Sep 14, 2010 - 1 comments

Today is Cycle day 6  last day of femera. Feeling good today trying to really give 100% faith in God that this is it. Its hard because I just dont want to have another disappointing cycle and even though I say this every month..I feel good about this cycle LOL!! Period only lasted 4 days this month. Preseed came in the mail today and i had it sent to my job so I would be sure not to miss it and the darn supervisor opened it!! WTH!!! Then she says sorry I didnt notice your name on the package until after I opened it...(yea whateva lady).... Sat morning I get to have my estrodiol level tested. Hoping this is the last time(until im ready for # 2). Have a good day ladies BABY DUST TO ALL!!
p.s there is nothing to hard for GOD NOTHING!!

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by rozysma, Sep 14, 2010
Baby dust to you!!! Good luck I will pray for you.

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