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acheing for a baby

Sep 15, 2010 - 8 comments

I have read through lots of MH friends journals and posts today, im sad because so many of them are aching for their first child, some for their first positive on a HPT. I can imagine how they are feeling having been there so many times myself but i feel so lucky because i have at least had 3 success's and another on the way, and this from someone who considers herself THE most unluckiest person around.
I can't understand how life can be so cruel, i watched a programme last night about underage pregnancies the youngest being just 13! and it strikes so hard when you see a child stroking her rather cute bump saying it was planned!!!
i mean there are so many women out there who'd give anything for a child and these girls take it for granted, its what the whole area they live in is built around and they all know of at least 2 others who are pregnant or young mums!
i cry when i read some of the MH journals, your heart and soul goes into each and every try only to be defeated and yet the strength found somewhere within to try again is astounding.
if i could wave a wand or say a magic incantation i would say it for all of you, but alas its all according to this sort of lottery of life i guess.

i do so hope that all of my friends, and those ive yet to `chat` to will all end up with bundles of joy, i can't imagine so many of you being so unfairly saddened for the rest of your life, and so to all of you whose heartfelt cries of `why` still echo in my ears i wish you all the best and i send out my love and some baby dust in the hope you will all gain your dreams really soon xxxxxxxx

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1337351 tn?1369934722
by Mercedes28, Sep 15, 2010
Thank you for means alot! ;)

1301836 tn?1305625415
by natashajay, Sep 15, 2010
ahh i just feel so .....i can't even describe it, there has been so many BFN's of late or short lived pg's i just feel so sad for could be my hormones but there is such a mixture of happiness and saddness on MH i just wanted everyone to know that even tho im pg im stilll there for all of you xxx

1210256 tn?1320347749
by lovebaby605, Sep 15, 2010
Thank you for this post Natasha. It gave me goose bumps

1301836 tn?1305625415
by natashajay, Sep 15, 2010
ahh thanks wishing you well xxx

1275969 tn?1540648384
by Amanda999, Sep 15, 2010
I know how everyone feels, i've got a 21 month old son and we've been trying for our second since April last year. We've had missed periods, BFN and we've had a miscarriage when i was 4 weeks pregnant Feb 3rd, i'm aching for our second but feel the luckiest mom on earth that i have my son. x

1298207 tn?1331681131
by hopefull613, Sep 15, 2010
u have a very beautifull heart natasha, its from having ppl like you around that we get the strength to go on, i of all ppl know its hard still hoping for my first BFP but i have faith in God i know he see us through.....

1277082 tn?1344061420
by missybirt, Sep 15, 2010
As an outsider, thank you for the best incouragment anyone can ask for. your mh made me cry...

1255151 tn?1413895426
by rbohl01, Sep 15, 2010
Reading this makes me weepy. I feel the same way. I have been so blessed to already have 2 beautiful children and now one on the way. I have never struggled with infertility but I have struggled with multiple miscarriages and have a deep understanding of what so many ladies on here are going through. I have been at my lowest point in this past year after 2 losses. Honestly a lot of what has gotten me through to the wonderful point i am at today is because of the support of so many MH friends. Thanks for the post. It was beautiful and I know so many ladies will find encouragement from it =)

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