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Do I or Don't I?

Sep 15, 2010 - 3 comments



neck acne

I am on the fence of taking a HPT to know already, or just save my $ and not test until AF doesn't show up (Ha like I would be that lucky-just feeling a BFN).  

I have the AF symptoms I usually have, swollen puffy Perineum, acne on my neck and chest, tired, and I have a short temper.

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by msniki412, Sep 15, 2010
Im in the same boat as you. My AF is all messed up (i had two periods in August because I stopped my birth control), but I know I O'ed 9/2 and she always comes 2 weeks after or 14dpo...which is tomorrow. I'll probably test this weekend if she doesn't come. But I'm feeling the cramps, the mood swings, sleeping problems and now this morning I had some dizziness. I would say wait until 14dpo and then test...don't waste money today!

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by dwsilk, Sep 15, 2010
I O'ed on 9/2 as well.  Had the IUI done that day.  
I have the test sitting in the bathroom.  Last of a 3 pack.  But, I can always save it for next month! :)  I will probably test Tmrw or Fri mrng.

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by msniki412, Sep 15, 2010
Wow...that would be kinda cool if we both end up pregnant the same cycle. We would have the same due date! lol

Good luck!!!

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