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Aug 20, 2008 - 2 comments


August 2003
 Left side of face and head tingling
 mouth drawn with trouble speaking- This lasted about 24 hours

August- November
 Left side of face tingling on and off

 Trouble swallowing- feeling as if food were getting stuck
 Weight loss of 45 pounds ( down to 104 pounds)
 Fatigue- felt as if I could not get out of bed. Trouble caring for children

 Left sides weakness (arm and leg)
 Fatigue- tire very quickly
 Dizziness

 Weakness continues
 Fatigue
 Dizziness
 Left foot drag- starting to trip over nothing
 Balance and coordination off- swaying when standing still and walking
 Left eye blurry- can not read like I could
 Left sided tingling of arm and leg

 Fatigue growing worse- after 2 hours of being up, feeling of no energy
 Dizziness continues
 Hard to remember words- saying the wrong words when talking to people

July 12
 Left leg numbness- can not walk or stand without assistance
 Have to use walker for ambulation- Can not take care of small children, have to have someone to help at all times.
 Peripheral vision of left eye diminished compared to right eye

 Left foot drag- tripping
 Balance off
 Dizziness continues
 Fatigue continues
 Leaking of urine on occasion

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by biowham, Aug 20, 2008
I'm not really a timeline expert, but this looks good to me in that it is concise and will fit on a single page. You haven't overwhelmed with detail. A doctor could take this in at a glance, and if there are any specifics, the doctor can ask about them. Good luck.


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by essdipity, Aug 20, 2008
Hi, atino. I think you've done a good job here. My only suggestion is to add a separate section (one concise paragraph), describing how you used to be and how you are now---in terms of energy, ability to work or do various things, impact on family. etc. In other words, the BEFORE you and the AFTER you. I think it helps to include language that makes you come across as a basically energetic, upbeat person who is stymied by these symptoms and wants to get on with her life and activities. Sometimes our symptoms, which can be mostly sensory and not "testable," seem like hypochondria to neuros, however unfair this is. So it's a good idea to dispel this notion quickly.


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