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How I feel Today

Sep 16, 2010 - 2 comments

So it's 9DPO and i've been feeling "weird" in my stomach. Not really cramps, pains or twinges anymore. More like a bloated full feeling. My nipples are still soo sore. My breasts felt weird last night as well. I'm still having creamy cm and my temp was 98.0 again this morning.  Hope it goes back up!! Gosh I'm praying that this is my month!!  Other than that I feel fine. I did have a stuffy nose this morning but I think it might be due to this cold I've been dealing with for well over a week now. Thought it was gone, but I can't get rid of this stuffy nose.  I'm super sleepy too. I think I'm going to nap after I get done writing this. lol.   That's all for now. :D

This IS never ending. :(
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1339395 tn?1317267421
by Ricki128, Sep 16, 2010
when are you going to test? here in a few days or wait until you miss AF?

790669 tn?1465192699
by Des_a_rae, Sep 16, 2010
Hey Hun!  I've been so busy and been meaning to write you.  How are you doing??  I'm sorry those crazy things with the temp are happening. I'd be just as worried myself and there's nothing wrong with that!!  I see when you're doing a little better today and girl If you need a nap, GO TAKE ONE!! :D   I actually took a 2 hr nap today. WAYY unusual for me, but I was just soo tired.  Anyways, I'm super glad things are a little better today. I was worried about ya!!   :)
I'm not sure how long I can hold out. LOL.  I've been having those "cramps" but that was these last 2 days and now today I haven't had any. Just that full feeling, bloated!  I'm going to try to hold out until Sat.!  That's when ugly ol AF is suppose to be here. I just pray my temp stays up and I HOPE it keeps getting higher.  Thank you so much for asking!  I don't want to get too anxious but I'm just "feeling" different this time so I'm praying really hard!!  Thanks again hun, take care of yourself!!  Nap when needed. If we wasn't feeling tired/sleepy then we wouldn't need a nap! :D

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