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Day 28- this can be done!!!

Sep 17, 2010 - 0 comments



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I have almost reached my 30 day goal!  I honestly at the beginning of the WD could not imagine making it to 30 days.  I don't feel perfect, but pretty good.  I have a good days and then have few hours of weird feelings/anxiety mixed in. Some really good days.  My energy is coming back.  I have been able to push myself in the evenings and get stuff done.  At first, all I could do in the evenings was shower and rest.  I still have an occasional fit of sneezing, craving, and anxiety.  This seems to come all together, but is lasting shorter periods now.  Tolerable.  I know at some point ts will be gone too.  I dint even care how long it takes at this point, I am just so thankful to be free of all the lies of the pills.  Thanks be to God!!

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