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1 more try

Sep 17, 2010 - 1 comments





blocked fallopian tubes

Hey all, I stopped updating when I was doing IVF.  After 2 failed cycles I'm giving it another shot trying naturally....
Will keep you updated, The odds are completely against me since I have blocked fallopian tubes, but I trust God to do a miracle.  In the end what will be shall be.

I've been taking zymmessence which eats way at scar tissue and doing fertility massages to make sure the scar detaches from my tubes...

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by sadsandy125, Oct 15, 2010

What happened during your IVF cycles ?
I have one failed IVF with donor eggs behind me also and now I want to try again but the financial situation will kill us as we are in debt now. I am 43, blocked tubes and chronic endometritis and to top it off it seem that I cant handle the hormones...
Wish I had another option but I dont since my FSH is way too high.

Good luck to you,


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