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New Symptoms- Cramps, Backache, Nausea

Sep 17, 2010 - 3 comments



Low back pain







REALLY bad lower back pain last night :( it made me cry it was so uncomfortable. (the back pain is very similiar to when I had the cyst several months ago) Also having AF cramping, constant all day yesterday. Not as bad this morning. Will call doc and make sure thats ok? (no spotting)

Felt "gag-ish" last night and this morning felt nausea before I got out of bed, and started gagging! whats that all about!!!! eeks! Drank a yogurt smoothie and that TOTALLY made that gag/nausea go away...

Ps. for those of you who let me panic on you yesterday bc of my temps...they went back up today...(the drop was prob bc i was sick, drank water during the night and got up :) Im officially putting the thermometer away :)

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1255151 tn?1413895426
by rbohl01, Sep 17, 2010
Good girl for putting the thermometer away- I knew your temps would go back up.
I know its no fun to have preggy symptoms but atleast its a sign that everything is going good in there =)
Hang in there sweetie ~hugs~

889551 tn?1416188083
by NicoleW09, Sep 17, 2010
I retired my thermometer at 6w. On one hand being able to see my temps reassured me, but everytime the temps dropped it only upset me. Lol. I had bleeding and clotting during my first trimester and it turns out that my progesterone was low. Which makes sense when you consider that progesterone is the hormone responsible for sustaining your high temps. Next time you see your OB or midwife it might be a good idea to have them make sure it's where it should be just to reassure yourself.

1432741 tn?1300202363
by SK30, Sep 17, 2010
hey Ricki

really nice your temp is normal and that thermometer is finally a history..:-)

i experinced a lot of backache, last week.. everytime, i was  doing some thing or even not doing .. they were constant and i thought that will remain forever.. but gradually they went away .. i tried correcting my posture as well.. and now I sleep either on my left side ( which dr says is very good for body in these days) and  i dont lie complete straight on my back.. i  have doubled my pillows.. Its like try and testing postions  with your posture since back aches are very common and whatever makes you feel better , try that..

Also, for backache, you can try keeping Hot Water Bottle it really gives relieves and no medicine is needed

Congratulations, on getting the symptoms of Nausea.. i guess you would be checking the complete list of symptoms by  now.. What all these things keep reminding us.. we are pregnant and thinsg are fine.. Lol

today i didnt had any symptoms.. just a very normal day as if nothing is there, but ultrasound assured me ..

Hope you feel better soon..and how is your mood..?

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