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Pregnant with twins and very scared.

Sep 17, 2010 - 2 comments






I found out on Monday that I was carrying twins. I should be thrilled, and I am, but I am also very scared, concerned and freaked out.
There are so many complications with twins and I am 35 and so scared that anything could go wrong and I love these babies so much already and they are just the size of grains of rice.
I think of learning disabilities, disappearing twins, amnicontesis. With one child I would be worried but I know with multiples that complications and difficulties are multiplied.
I am scared.

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1007532 tn?1332767926
by spoilbabe69, Sep 17, 2010
Trust and believe in God, he gave you this gift and he won't let anything happen to them. U have to believe that and trust in him... I am truly happy for you, but don't worry too much its not good for the babies either, but I will pray for you and your babies!!! The lord knows how hard you worked and wanted these babies an he gifted them to you, he's not going to let anything bad happen to them just keep praying and have faith and everything will be ok...
I hope to see pics soon!!!
Ash xoxoxo

1113177 tn?1309744249
by pepot, Sep 20, 2010
GOD will give you strentgh along the way...

Be happy and your babies will be very happy too... take care always.

Twins or not, it is very scary, especially for us who wanted to have babies, but the Good LORD is always there to protect us, and our families and friends will also be helping us.


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