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The  Butt of one Big Cosmic Joke

Sep 18, 2010 - 3 comments

I always figured that Murphy's Law was real. He's been my childhood friend and has stuck with me through all the years. It was always if anything could go wrong it would with me. But now I think Murphy was in cahoots with the Cosmos and I am the butt of their great big joke.

My health issues are one example, no answers and always neuros that can't or won't look past the nose on their faces. I can't get a neuro who would by any means say, hey, I know there is something wrong and I'll keep looking until I find out. No, I get the ones who say, ya, we know there is something wrong and good luck with that. I'm told how good they are and then I go and get my hopes up, then get them dashed.

It isn't just my health that this is occurring it's my everyday life. Like I said before, things have been going on since I was a kid. I'm one of those people in the grocery line where 3 new tellers open up and you get to choose which line you think will be the quickest, yup, I always pick the slowest.

Yet, I try to stay positive, I try to keep thinking that this time, things will work out but nope, nothing yet. I worked most of the summer for the first time in 5 years as I needed to and then thought I would only be off work for a month but now it looks like I may no longer have a job. I need to start looking but who is going to hire me with my health issues? So work when I never have before and now maybe no job.

My reason for now thinking this is one big Cosmic joke is I got a call from my Dad that I could get a tank of free oil from someone who is putting in a new heating system and needs to get the tank and oil out,if I could find a way to get it. Now I'm thinking WOW, this is great. I'm all geared up and said yes, tell them I'll find a way. I found someone who had an empty tank with a pump and he said he would gladly help. So far sounds good right?

Well, Daddy calls me back and says that someone else beat me to it. Apparently Daddy knew for a while and forgot to tell me. So I'm wondering, why in the blazes did I find out about getting free oil, only to have the chance taken away? Answer: Cosmic Joke!!

I figure even Murphy can't be this consistent all the time without some help. So that's my answer. Here I was wondering what I was doing wrong all those years only to realize that on some higher level, someone has a really warped sense of humor.

So now that I've figured it all out, I will now always live by the rule, if it's something good coming my way, DUCK, because the crap is sure to follow.

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by Lulu54, Sep 18, 2010
Aw Moki, That tank of fuel oil would have been such a gift - so sorry Murphy had to come and muck it up for you!

Keep laughing and ducking ---- L

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by doni54, Sep 18, 2010
Hey Ducky Bear....heehee

Yep, I think we walk a mile in each other's shoes everyday, don't we?  Life is a beach and sometimes we get sand in our shorts, but hey, we can always count on never having a dull moment!!  hahaha

At least with all the calamities we face, we still have each other to laugh with, cry with, and get through the bad days with.........pretty lucky, huh?

Just hang in there Bear, you know I'm here with you and praying that both our lives will quit being someone's Cosmic Joke!!!!

Loads of love,

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by mokibear, Sep 20, 2010
Hey Lulu and Doni, I'm laughing still but man, I sure do wonder some days. That tank of oil would have been so great as funds are really tight with me not back to work yet. Then on Saturday morning, the arm on my reading glasses came off, couldn't find the screw anywhere, mind you they are tiny little buggars. So I need them to read anything so had to break down and buy new ones. Guess what?!!!!

Yup the screw is laying on the side of the computer in plain sight and that's without my glasses. lol Guess Murphy and the Cosmos were ticked that I ratted on them. hahahahaha

Still Ducking

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