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Light at the end of the tunnel?

Sep 18, 2010 - 0 comments

  Oh man have I missed writing in this journal.  It's just been too busy to find more more than a few mintues at a time to write and it was adding to the stress so I just let it go by the say side temporarily until things settled down.  Not that things are settled down but a little more so than a week ago.

  It's really been more of the same.  Same house stuff, same personal stuff, same kids stuff, etc.  At the moment one child is babysitting at a neighbors and the other is over at a friends. The dh is watching baseball on tv, so here I am finding time to write again.

  The shots have continued.  Tonight was my right arm.  Dh chose the spot, kind of low center.  No blood, no liquid, slow burn about 2 mintues later. After about 10 minutes it felt like someone had slugged me in the arm.  It was then I realized that I had gone directly from the shot to doing laundry without putting an icepack on it.  When I finally layed down and iced it it felt a lot better.

  The only evidence of shots has been either welts that appear shortly after shots but disappear in the morning or bruises that last about a week but never hurt.  But most of the time I there is evidence at all.  I don't look forward to the shots but I don't really think about them much anymore.  I guess I have gotten into the habit. Dh and I talked about me taking my shot pack with me when we go out at night and expect to be home about the time of the shot.  You know, just in case we don't make it home.  Not that the shots have to be given exactly at the same time every night but what if we get caught away from home for hours at a time when shot is due?

  Physically I don't really feel any of my previous symptoms anymore.  I don't wake up with that numbness or tingling in my foot or arm. There are times every now and again where I will get some odd sensation in my foot or arm but not lasting and not to the degree it was even a week ago.  The only restriction on how to sleep is dependent on whether or not my shot was on my right or left side, which means I sleep on the opposite. The l'hermittes sign is almost non existent.  When I look down (although I still try not to), I don't feel any odd sensation.  Yippee!

  I am continuing to eat low fat and anti inflamatory and I am still taking my 10,000 IU of vitamin D a day.  Unfortunately I haven't swam in a week (we did get a new pool pump two days ago) but I am fixing to change that tomorrow.  Today I thought about it but was just too tired.

  My dear friends father died.  What a beautiful ending to his life.  She was there holding him in her arms and singing to him.  There was a clock in his room that she remembered as a child that chirpped different birds depending on the hour (her parents were devoted bird watchers).  Just as he faded away, the clock chirpped.  Losing her mother years ago was unexpected and unsettled my friend, her father's death was much different and her whole being is at peace with his passing.  She feels God has carried her through this as only He can.  

  Well I have about reached my limit. Sorry this may not be totally coherent but it's been a long day and I am not up to editing or adding details at the moment. Perhaps tomorrow I will begin to write regularly again.


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