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Day 00-Plans for my weight loss journey

Sep 19, 2010 - 0 comments



Weight loss journey



Hey self,
I just need to put a few things down on paper so we are in accordance!  I love you and want nothing but the best for you! Thats why I have to lose weight and adapt a heathier lifestyle on this journey.  Its not gonna be easy but it wont be the hardest thing i've done either; at least thats what we're gonna tell each other!  I love me just the way I am but I wanna be fit.  I have several goals for us and I think I need to write them down; you know we're are very visual!  
Long term goals:
    1.  Lose 6-8lbs a month! "gasp"...we can do it!
    2.  I dont want my thighs touching the way they do now!
    3.  RUN!!! RUN!!! I want to be able to run for like.....2 or 3 miles without passing out...or gettin completely winded!
    4.  Run a marathon...not sure which one just yet...but to def run one!
    5.  Lose 100lbs....and fit into about a size 8 clothes
Short term goals:
    1.  Stay motivated to stay on track!  We procrastinate like its nobodys business!
    2.  Lose my first 10lbs!
    3.  Work out somehow someway everyday...whether its a brisk walk or a workout tape.
    4.  Eat healthier and actually use the recipes I have acquired!

I know we can do it!  Somehow, this time is different and we both feel it!  I dont know if the (beer) belly got in the way one day or if the before pics shocked was something!  I wanna be fit and healthy!

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