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Emotional upset does not have to equal drinking!

Aug 20, 2008 - 4 comments








Today I learned some things that may prove very damaging to my marriage.  There was nothing I wanted more than to run home and drink.

But on my drive home from work, I began the "good" self-talk my hypnosis CDs have taught me - and it worked!  I came home, fed the dogs, got a bottle of water and fixed dinner.

I don't know how much more of the emotional roller-coaster I can take, but I know my outlet will be something other than alcohol.

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by momeluv, Aug 23, 2008
Hey Sweetie:  I am so proud of you!  Great Job!!!!  I know it isn't easy getting through those minutes, but even if it is second by second, and you can talk yourself through it, you are really doing great.  I know that sometimes it is nano-second by nano-second!  But each one of those is a tremendous step in the right direction!  So,  hooray for you!  Ok, you keep up the good work, and have yourself a wonderful weekend!  Peace be yours!

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by alienshadow, Aug 23, 2008
My life is like a rumbling roller coaster,
Always bumping me up and down.
It turns and twists and slips and slides.
Slowly rising before crashing quickly to the ground.
Amongst life's turbulent coaster ride,
My body and emotions change vastly.
It zips me around and around and around,
And yanks me from calm to ghastly.
While upon the coaster peaks I sit,
I see the most beautiful sights.
My eyes are anxious, delighted, and sparkling.
My heart feels positive and bright.
Unfortunately the dips and drops are much harder to handle.
Their grinding pain and tension is almost unbearable.
My lungs are sucked dry as my chest is squeezed firmly.
Sometimes I wonder if disappearing would be more favorable.
Luckily with time the awful times will pass.
My trusting God and adorable kids will help.
They will pull me along and hold my hand.
Creating special memories to share and tell.

Thought this would help

585512 tn?1233376050
by wolfwoman1st, Aug 23, 2008
Thank you both for the support!  alienshadow, you captured the feelings of "the roller-coaster" perfectly.  momeluv, you are right about sometimes it being nano-second by nano-second.  but I take a cue from my daughter, who celebrated one year of sobriety on May 29th, and only resist THIS drink.

Thank you again!!

277836 tn?1359669774
by alienshadow, Aug 23, 2008
no problem I like writing poems

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