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Tidying up

Sep 19, 2010 - 0 comments

Alarm went off at 6:15 am. Again?  It's Sunday, why is alarm going off?  Dh wants to exercise (ie, bike ride).  I got up and started sorting laundry and had my new favorite snack of the day, a banana with almond butter on it.  Out the door went dh.  Now I have the house to myself.  I begin sorting through the recycling and the stack of papers next to the frig. Better to do this now than in a day or two when the house goes on the market.

At some point I go outside to take a look at some of the work I did yesterday outside.  Oh no, the sprinklers went on last night and has made a wet mess of some of my work.  Francisco is coming this morning to finish some miscellaneous work inside and I was going to have him do some mortaring that dh didn't want to do. Can't do it now as it's too wet. I guess I will add it to my list of things to do tomorrow.  Bummer.

Francisco arrives at 9am and quickly gets to work. It's great to have a handyman so available. Gotta keep his number handy for our next house as he will be able to do a lot for us there fairly reasonably.  The last few days he has been booked working on both painting the outside of houses as well as taking down wallpaper and retexturing.  He usually doesn't work on Sunday's but with him being so busy and us getting to the final countdown in getting the house ready, he made an exception for me.  Thank you!

Left Francisco at the house alone at 10:30 so I could pick up the kids at their friends and take them to church.  When I got back home Francisco said he needed to go to Home Depot for a strip of wood.  Ok, looks like I won't be making that chruch meeting at 12:30. Maybe they can put me on speaker phone and I can listen in.

There is a big brew-ha-ha going on at church over a decision the committee I am on made a few weeks ago and the powers that be want to tell us how to "respond" to people when they ask us why we decided the way we decided. Way too political for me and the whole thing is a big disappointment. Whenever you have almost a dozen people of varying ages, backgrounds, and points of view agreeing unanimously on something, I think it's fair to say that you oughta trust in the process and outcome.  Yes, even in church there are sheep in wolves clothing trying to stir up trouble and controversy.  Part of me just wants to quit being on committees but a bigger part of me wants to fight back and expose those who are only looking after their own self interests.

  It just seems like everything is so difficult lately.  Nothing is going smoothly and I am wondering if there is a message in it all.  Keep plugging away or surrender?  Not sure.  Things could be more difficult for sure and in spite of the challenges a lot is going well, like my heath and the family.  Still I wish things were easier at the moment.  But when I look back this week is easier than the last, and that gives me hope that perhaps things are about to get a whole lot easier in the future.  This whole health thing has taught me, among many other things, that in spite of how bad things get, they can always get worst and they can always get better. It's getting through the moments of the bad and worst that are the most soul draining and dark.  Honestly when I look back there were some days where I was just getting through each moment, one moment at a time.  It was through God's grace, close friends and family that strengthened me and gave me the ability to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

  While at a vball game friday night I watched a mom of a girl on the varsity team walk in with her son who has downs syndrome.  It made me think about all the challenges she faces daily in his caretaking and all the worries she must have in thinking about his future.  He is a sweet boy in his teens but he is mentally like a young child.  How would I handle a challenge like that?  I guess we all have our blessings and crosses to bear.  I know this boy brings this mom a lot of joy and love, yet there are tremendous burdens that come along with mothering a special needs child.  It frightens me to think about dealing with something like that.  I could better deal with a disabled husband than a disabled child. Perhaps it's the tremendous loss of a future that is part of the challange of dealing with a child in those circumstances. We as parents all want a well rounded, happy, fulfilling future for our kids. Disabilities, especially mental, can be so limiting.

  I had to miss my MIT (mothers in touch) and BSF (bible study fellowship) groups last week due to work being done on the house. This week I am praying to make both. Thursday is my most jammed packed day for outside committments and am unsure if it's all going to work.  I absolutely hate having to cancel something that I have committed to but I have learned in the last couple of weeks sometimes you gotta re prioritize temporarily to get things done that you gotta get done.  Can't wait for it all to be over and to get back to a normal life. Ahhhhhh!

Okay, so I listened in on speaker phone to the church meeting I couldn't make.  Not too bad actually. Since it's a 20 minute drive to church, it saved me a grand total of 40 minutes drive time for a 30 mintue meeting. The rest of the day was spent tying up the loose ends and finishing projects on the house. All in all a pretty good day but still way too full to be considered normal.

  I did take the kids and one of their friends to the mall to shop for homecoming.  No luck on finding the perfect outfit.  Not sure how we are going to fit it in again anytime soon as there are four (4!) vball games or events this week.  Games on Tuesday and Friday and tournaments on Thursday and Saturday. It's ridiculous!!  What also means is that I have to feed the team four times this week.  Oh joy.  

  As I finished projects today I realized that I hadn't devoted nearly enough time to my bible study. BSF is a international organization (non denominational) devoted to teaching people about what the bible actually says.  This is my fourth year in it. It is very intensive and demanding.  When I started we were studying Romans, the next year it was Matthew, last year it was Exodus, Leviticus and the minor prophets. This year we are studying Isaiah.  Each Tuesday we meet at 9am (there are about 300 women in our group but there are men's groups as well) and meet in small groups of about 15 and discuss the week's lesson. After we go to a all group lecture then we study individually for the next week's lesson.  The lesson is suppose to be done daily as there are questions that take you chapter by chapter in the specific book you are studying. Some of the questions are personal but relate to whatever the message is. Some of the questions are "challenge" questions that require some research.  All in all the "studying" for BSF takes about 4 hours of my alone time a week plus the 2 1/2 hrs I spend with the small and large groups on Tuesday.  I have throughly enjoyed because it allows me to bit by bit read and study God's word.  

This weeks lesson is an overview of the book of Isaiah.  The focus of BSF is always, "What does this passge for Scripture reveal about God- His person, His purposes, or His work? Why is this important?  Because God determines what we believe about ourselves, our world, our puposes, and our lives.  What we believe determines how we behave."  Studying the bible give me an intimate peek of God.  What doe He want me to know? What does He say?  What does it mean? And what does He want me to do about it?  

The book of Isaiah is especially important to Christians b/c out of the 60 some odd chapters, over 40 of them are directly quoted or alluded to by Christ or his Apostles.  Only Psalms has more New Testament allusions than Isaiah. What has amazed me in reading parts of the New Testament is how well Christ knew the Old Testament.  I don't know why that is amazing but I guess I just always thought about them being separate, Old and New.  In actuality they are very much interconnected.  Anyway, I have already missed the first meeting but I do have my lesson and need to work on it for the Tuesday meeting.

The time has come to wind down.  A professional photographer is coming tomorrow afternoon to take pictures of the main rooms in the house and yard so I need to get some sleep.  My shot went well (left thigh) and the kids are in bed so it's time for me to sign off. Glad to be back in the swing of writing again.



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