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Is this TIA or stroke or something else?

Jun 02, 2017 - 0 comments

My testimony:
4 nights ago I had fallen asleep in the car while my husband drove us home.  My head was straight up,  but tilted back and with my mouth open,  for about 30 mins.  This displaced my c1, which I believe was already rotated. C1 rotated and out of place is bad news, I came to find out.
I went to sleep and 2 hours later was awoken by my whole body shaking uncontrollably and severe nausea. I thought maybe I had food poisoning. I shook in bed for 30 mins, it woke my husband because I shook the whole bed. I then went and sat in the bathroom still shaking for another 15 mins. I felt heat spread from my mid-back up my spine. I thought, ok maybe I'll throw up now so I slowly stood up holding the bathroom vanity. The heat went straight up to my head and I called my husband in because I knew I was going to pass out. He caught me and says I was out for about 1 min or 90 secs without taking a breath. My eyes were open and crossed and I was non-responsive. Eventually I took a big breath, closed my eyes and began breathing rapidly and very shallow.  Once I came to and could hear him and respond,  he called 911. My tinnitus became extremely loud  for a while.
When I opened my eyes,  my vision was blurry and for the next few hours,  my right eye was blurry. I also got a monster migraine.  I was given migraine meds in the ER which didn't touch my headache and eventually was given IV meds to bring the pain down.  
The hospital tested many things.  My blood work was normal except it showed elevated D dimer (which is present after a blood clot breaks up). Normal range is 0-249. Mine was 333.
CT scan showed my lungs clear,  my heart was clear,  every other test clear.  The D dimer was ignored and chalked up to false positive. The Dr told me that probably my blood pressure just didn't catch up when I stood up and that's why I fainted. But that didn't explain any of my other symptoms!   Once my symptoms subsided I was released to go home,  same day.  That was a Sunday and the following day was memorial day so I couldn't see a Dr to follow up yet, but I felt continually nauseaus, like my insides were shaking/tingly, and had a continual headache.
On Tuesday I got to see the PA at my Dr office.  She noticed the elevated D dimer and requested a CT scan of my head since the ER didn't check that.
That afternoon I saw my chiropractor.  When I explained the whole scenario to him he immediately thought I had had a TIA (or mini-stroke). He realized that my c1 must be pressing on the artery and he requested an MRI/MRA to make sure I didn't have a tear in the artery,  or blood clot waiting to be released once he adjusted it.  
I went this time to a different ER. The nurse made faces and scoffed at me when I said my chiropractor had requested the MRI. I explained everything to her and then to the DR. The Dr agreed to do half the requested CT (without fluid even though it was requested with), and refused the MRI. He tested my thyroid instead.  The CT of my brain came back normal and thyroid normal. He told me I fainted because the nausea tripped the vagus nerve and caused me to pass out. But again that didn't explain any of my other symptoms!
On Wednesday I went back to my chiropractor. He was not happy that the hospital had refused the MRI. He did 6 x-rays on my neck in different positions to see the exact position of my c1. He was very cautious and adjusted that one vertebra. I think God it worked.  My continued trembling went away,  and I still felt a little nauseaus, but at least I could finally eat.
He did a second adjustment on the c1 today (Thursday), because he sais the muscles could pull it back out of place. Now I once again feel non-stop tingly all over my body.  I feel afraid to have him adjust it again.  But he is the only one who properly diagnosed my symptoms and corrected the issue yesterday.  
Had any one else had similar experience with TIA? I've read much online that makes sense,  but the only thing still unanswered is why I woke shaking and shook for 45 mins before the episode. Today I realized that I have caught myself stuttering and unable to bring simple words to memory during conversation several times since it first happened.

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