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At Last!!!

Sep 19, 2010 - 0 comments










Well, it's been a while since I've been here, time for an update to bore you all with!
I Quit!!! It's been about 11 months and counting!!!
I am still using a nicorette inhalator as a comfort thing, a security blanket if you like, but my doc says that's OK,as I am not inhaling crap into my lungs! I like to chew the ends . . .
My cough was  definitely due to Proton Pump Inhibitors, as I was allergic to Lansoprazole as well as Omeprazole, and have now been taken off them, and put on H2 Antagonists for the reflux, hiatus hernia, etc etc. Cough went straight away!! Brilliant!! I was coughing 24 hours a day - a dry persistent cough at the back of the throat. I knew it was NOT the emphysema. The bloating has improved also, though sadly not the constipation! All in all, feeling a lot better than I did. Hopefully, get my prognosis in November when there will be 4 sets of PFT's for comparison, and we will know where to go from here. Here's hoping that things have stabilised. The Gas Transfer is the thing to worry about in my case more than anything else (if I have understood things right)
We'll see what happens November . . . . .

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