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One Week Post Lobectomy

Sep 20, 2010 - 1 comments





post-surgery recovery

This time last Monday, I was on the operating table, having the right lobe and isthmus of my thyroid removed.

In June, my Gynecologist found a lump on my thyroid during my routine physical.  She referred me out for an ultrasound, which showed an approximately 2.5 cm solid nodule on the right lobe of my thyroid.  I was then referred out to an Endocrinologist.  I had no idea that Endos were so hard to get in to see, so I was a little shocked to find that my appointment wasn't until six weeks later.  I called and got put on a waiting list for a sooner appointment, and was seen for my initial visit in the middle of June.  The blood work on me came back "normal," and I was scheduled for an FNA in August.  My FNA came back "suspicious" for a follicular neoplasm, with cellular atypia, so I was referred to a surgeon for removal of the suspicious nodule.

The surgery wasn't as bad as I had anticipated.  Intubation was, for me, the absolute worst part; I felt as if I had a case of strep throat for several days after the surgery.  Swallowing was painful, much more so than the incision.  My voice was hoarse for about three days after the surgery and is still a little weak now.  However, I sounded like my old self very quickly.  The frozen section was, of course, inconclusive (I understand from reading some of the medical literature that frozen sections are accurate only 20% of the time).  I stayed overnight in the hospital and was released the next day before lunch (which, unfortunately, meant I had to eat disgustingly undercooked eggs for breakfast--yuck!!).

Recovery wasn't that bad, either.  I only used the Lortab the doctor sent me home with for three days, and then only at night.  I starting some light neck stretches the day I was released from the hospital, and began a lighter version of my exercise routine five days after I was released.  My digestive system, um, took a few days to come back on-line, and I was a bit worried about that, but everything was back to normal by four days post surgery.  To be honest, I think I could have gone back to work after three days recovery, but I took the extra time off because I wanted to give myself a good amount of time to recover.  I'm going back tomorrow.

My sleep cycle is a bit off because I can't seem to get to sleep as easily as I did before surgery, but I imagine that will settle out again as soon as I get back into my usual exercise routine.

I go tomorrow to have the stitches removed and discover the results of the pathology report.  Hopefully, I won't have to do this again.  It wasn't "bad," but it's not really something I want to repeat.

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by va78, Apr 12, 2011
I hope you're still posting. I am right where you were at...just about to go in for a diagnostic lobectomy. How did it go now that it's months later for you? Do know if the surgery can be done outpatient? I don't want to get MIRSA.

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