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Worried if I am accelerating too fast

Sep 20, 2010 - 0 comments

So, I seem to have this constant fear that my MS is moving rapidly. I think back to a year ago when I first got diagnosed and I don't recall my legs hurting like they do now.

They feel achey and like there's pressure in them. Previously, my left side was my "bad side" but my right leg hurts lately. I also feel like my legs don't want to "listen" as much. A year ago my worst problem was balance.

I had an MRI done in June 2010 and my neuro really couldn't do a comparison to previous MRI's due to poor quality. I am scheduled to have a neuro appt in mid December and really want to have them do another MRI on my spine. The last time I did one was in Mar 2009 which showed nothing. I know that it sometimes doesn't show lesions.

I just want confirmation that the Copaxone is working, I guess.

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