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cycle day 12

Sep 20, 2010 - 0 comments

So i just had my follicle study 2 mature follicles one at 18 and the other at 22. So I got the trigger. Expect to ovulate between tmrw night and Wed morning. My DH has been so "in the mood" lately and I need him to relax for one day so he can build up his little guys. LOL!! He told me he tired of having Baby making sex and just wants to go back to making love all the time like we use too. He sooooo cute so what can I say LOL!! He just doesnt understand as a man what it feels like to go thru this and I cant be mad because he truly has the brain of a man...barely there LOL! j/k oh well I will be praying that this works. Gonna take a break for the next cycle if this is not it. Please keep me in your prayers! oh and BTW my estridiol day 10 level came back at 225 I have no idea what that means and of course my dr is out today...

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