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My Post Traumatic Stress

Sep 20, 2010 - 1 comments

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

I've had post Traumatic Stress since I was 13 years old and now I'm 33 still struggling with it. Something bad happened to me 20-years ago that made me this way and I will never be the same again

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by Hawkeye60, Jan 26, 2012

6 minutes - 0 comments
8yr.old Girl-Rape-INCEST

My girlfriend, who I Cannot Name... Has had PTSD since the age of 8Years Old.She is now going on 53yrs.old... Anyway when she was 8 years old she was Brutely Raped up the Bum, by her then; 18 Yr.old Step-Brother!!!:( when i met her 2 years ago, i noticed she had; "Very Loud Extreme,SEVERE-OUT-BURTS???" From, Out-of, No-Where. So, i asked her if she had Problems as a Child??? Cause i was sexually abuse as well...Then, she Told Me Everything:(... so, i Asked, If she got HELP, "CLOSURE; For This, She said she Told the Doctor, and the doctor asked her if she felt OKAY, and My ex-girlfriend said; YES... So the Stupid Doctor told her she's OKAY-THEN... After she told me this I Couldn't Belive What-I-Just-HEARD. Then she told me her; "Doctor was in a Mental Instution???"...And, "Of-Couse I Believe this!!!" But i was with her for 2 years of Almost, EVERDAY-SEVERE-Scary-OUTBURST, Running out my Door-Over 100 times??? and then she told me she could NEVER THINK-OR-FOCUS!!! And we know what that's From...she's stil rasing 3 kids. who Diisrect-Her And they Dictate to their mum??? Not The Opposite, like it should-Be...I've told her to get help, and she Refuses saying She's FINE; "DENIAL"...So we split-up because of her Angry-Extreme-OUTBURSTS, as "I Just couldn't Take it-NO-MORE!!!" I threatened to call police and report her older Step-Brother. but she said she would Deny it. but, i know if i told the Police who and where her doctor is, then they could take the Doctors Computer. then Fing the real-truth. and Charge this Sick-LOW-LIFE!!!" and how many other Little Girls, Did he Rape??? Now, her stepBrother who lived just down the raoad form my EX, his Wife just told my Ex; "That her Step-Brother-That Raped my-EX, was Screwing Younger Girls, A lot of them... her-step-Brother was Married for over 20years??? Now, he just moved from the reserve to PEI...with the YOUNGER-GIRL. Now, I want to charge this "Little-Girl-Rapist!!!" BADLY. & "It KILLS ME!!!:( "Can anyone HELP-ME with This Discusting Topic???" i'm Afraid to tell police, cause she has a very-Big-Family and they know where i live??? So. I'M Afraid for My Life; But," I NEED TO-HELP-MY, EX-GIRLFIEND!!!"

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