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Oct 25, 2017 - 0 comments

June 12, 2013
Was 12 hours late taking BP med
BP 163/106 yesterday
Body freaked out with PVCs, stomach pain and anxiety after eating a banana. Bananas always do that but not usually this severe. Tyramine? Allergy? Stress? Sugar?
BP 143/93 this morning
Feel a little better today but still weird.

This is an unseasonally warm January day. It feels good. It makes me feel happy. I don't know why that is, but it is. There is no artificial substitute yet. But, the days when it stays light until 9pm are still very far away; when it's still bright and beautiful when I leave work. They seem like some other era, but it was less than a year ago. It seems like so long. This winter has been the best in a long time. The weather has been mild. I want to live where we can be happy and healthy all the time. This frozen wasteland is hard to take.

Anxiety at Work
Watch breathing and make sure you're not breathing short shallow breaths.
Be present with attention in the now, not in the what might be.
Relax muscles.
Take a walk.
Take 15 minutes to meditate and reset breathing.
Think thoughts that will raise serotonin.


Oct 16, 2012
Symptoms to discuss with Freedman:
1. Chest, neck tightness, burning, pain - worse after walk outside
2. Shortness of breath
3. Confused/disconnected feeling
4. BP 170/120
5. Taking Beta Blocker
6. Went to ER with these symptoms when Alternaria was extremely high, overall mold count may be low, but Alternaria was hitting a record high
7. Checked in ER, no heart problem, could not detect congestion associated with asthma, but I still think it is
8. It is the same tightness that I sometimes feel when I talk my allergy shot.
9. Skipped heart beats

1. Can chest pain due to allergies be just allergies and not asthma?
2. Can I have asthma with just chest tightness/pain and not weasing/congestion?
3. Why would I experience this on cold rainy days or snowy days. I have noticed a correlation here.

Other Evidence:
1. I have these same symptoms at this time every year: cold air, alternaria mold
2. Exercising in cold air has made it worse many times (yesterday)
3. Before I started allergy medicine I use to have wheasing in the spring and fall
4. Last year I though I had a cold that settled in my chest for a long time and I took a low dose of Xopenex which helped it. I did have weasing and trouble breathing at that time.
5. I can remember having a hard time running in football practice, in the fall when the air was cold, when I was a kid. I would lag far behind the others and I would have pain in my chest/stomach area. I thought I was just weak.

Efaw Journal
High Blood pressure 165/110
Caused by Prep H
Lot of pressure sometimes burning
Sometimes aching
Hemorrhoid med w/o phenylephrine
What else should I do for them?
Feel like I have a cold
Allergins are low
Lots of drainage
Sore throat sometimes
Lump on back
Spots on feet - from wearing no socks
Test results from work

Sept 25, 2012
1. He wants me to stop Toprol? I assumed that he did but don't remember him saying it.
2. Best to prevent low potassium on diuretic? Concerned because my K has been found to be low several times before.
3. If BP goes back up should I call in or wait for appointment?

Sept 26, 2012

Asprin and/or ibu almost every day

Soy sauce with sushi several times a week

First noticed the pain after several Dr Peppers in one day. Thought it was tension from caffeine. Usually went away after good night's sleep, but then it didn't go away.

HBP linked with high fructose corn syrup in sodas I had been drinking more of: Dr Pepper, Pepsi

I was drink about 1/2 to 1 bottle a day of sparkling fruit juice. Not HFCS but plenty of fructose.

BP was 180/120 on Tue

MVP is cause of pain at HBP? Pain gets better as BP decreases.

Nov 10, 2012
Increased constipation
Pounding heart beat
Physical activity harder
Stomach pain
Tired/sleepy all the time
More/painful PVC
Gums hurt more
I think it's Amlodapene
BP is worse

Muscle aches yesterday
Neck hurts
Pain with teeth and gums
Bloody dia stopped, solid with blood
Dizzy this morning
Sinus drainage clear with some green
Sore throat bef Christmas
Digestive pain off/on, bentyl

Symptoms 2011

I didn't have bad allergy symptoms until May. Then everything got bad. I have to be careful what I eat because my stomach is sensitive. I've started gluten-free three weeks ago. Thinking may be clearer. But stomach pain, headaches, tiredness, PVCs continue.

The last few days I've been having tightness in my neck and throat. It's muscle tension, but I have almost no mental stress, so I don't know the cause. Might have started after allergy shot on Wednesday.

Onions might be causing stomach pain. I've been eating more because they go with potatoes. Carbonated drink might have caused trouble at Emily's birthday. Bad for IBS.

I feel worse in late afternoon: tired, anxious, discouraged, angry, headache, stomach ache. Probably Lorazepam wearing off.

I don't ever seem to feel hungry.

Headache, stomachache, pain in ears, sore throat, weak, muscle aches, hard to concentrate, eyes hurt, feel cold a lot. This seems to be coming and going since last Wednesday when it was really bad and I stayed home from work. Have been taking Elderberry extract to kill any virus. Might have helped but might be increasing stomach upset. Also switched from brand name Effexor to generic 10 days ago. It feels like a viral sickness to me. Connor has had Mono.

What bothers me most is that I feel terrible but I don't know what is causing it. Is it a cold, Mono, mold infection, allergies, depression, or some unidentifiable mysterious condition? If I knew what it was I could formulate a plan to do something about it or at least be comforted by the fact that it's going to go away eventually and I'm not insane.

The above problem got better. It appears to have been a cold.

I stopped taking my Saw Palmetto complex for a day and a half and now my prostate hurts like hell. I also had wasabi yesterday. I'm wondering if that made it worse.

My head hurts today too. Stomach hurts I think because I ate two apples yesterday.

I also had nacho cheese, green tea, ginger, caffeine, and a new mint tea.

I actually felt pretty good for several days before this latest problem. I did some weight lifting. I did some planning and some work on NCT. Now I'm living in fear that my prostate problems are so severe and there is no known cause or solution. If the solution I've found fails to work at some point there is nothing that can be done.

The Alternaria count was high yesterday and today: 227, 324.

I did leg exercises laying on my stomach in bed and pelvic contractions. This could have made muscles around prostate sore and irritated prostate. I'm definitely tensing muscles around prostate, but not sure it is a cause or effect of prostate problem.

Massive stomach acid, tired, hemrrhoids. No other symptoms.
This doesn't make sense because the Nexium should take care of it.

SAD Symptoms 2010
Bill Chatfield

These are my symptoms which only occur in the winter. It starts in September and gradually gets worse and worse. I have severe allergies in the spring, summer and fall, but that is another story. The beginning of November is the point at which the SAD becomes so severe that I can no longer function and get to work every day. I am in pain all the time, exceedingly tired and unable to think clearly. In December I am unable to do much and just lie in bed most of the time. But, around March I start feeling much better. I have about a month of very good health between winter SAD and allergy season.

These are my SAD symptoms:
1. Constant headache all over my head, like a weight pressing in. This in itself is bad enough to keep me from working effectively.
2. My stomach hurts most of the time. Dairy products, sugar and chocolate cause severe digestive pain. This almost constant pain is enough in itself to keep me from working effectively.
3. I want to sleep constantly.
4. I have no ambition for my work, which is highly abnormal.
5. Increased anxiety, fear, worry, tingling in my arms and legs.
6. Weakness - sometimes my legs shake when I walk.
7. I sleep lightly at night and wake up too early at 5:30am but don't get up because I'm still very tired.
8. My muscles ache all the time.
9. My heart sometimes pounds and races.
10. One winter I was diagnosed with a heart problem which mysteriously was gone in the spring.
11. I cannot concentrate on mental tasks, like my job.
12. I just want to lie still and not move at all.
13. I am irritable and have no patience.
14. I cannot wake up in the morning. I cannot get out of bed and I am very late to work.
15. I feel like I am sick with a cold or the flu all the time.
16. I sometimes feel very hot or very cold, but my temperature is normal.
17. I have constant sinus trouble with pain and drainage. It often leads to a sinus infection. I cannot tolerate antibiotics in this condition so I get very depressed because there is no way to get better.
18. The depression comes as a result of all these symptoms. Depression is not the cause of them. I am not depressed until these things start happening and render me unable to function at work or at home. THAT is what makes me depressed.

What I have tried already:
1. Based on advice from and articles on I have discovered that taking Vitamin D (about 8,000 IU) helps a lot and that has gotten me through the last two winters being able to work enough to keep my job. I have more energy, less pain, less sleepiness, and am able to concentrate better.
2. Going to a tanning bed is even better than taking the Vitamin D orally. The tanning bed lights cause my body to produce Vitamin D. This almost always makes me feel much better immediately. But, it's not the whole solution. I still don't sleep right and I still can't get out of bed in the morning. While this seemed like a miracle cure at first, I can see that it does not address the whole problem.
3. My PCP has tested my Vitamin D levels and it is always on the low end of normal. So, the tanning bed and the oral Vitamin D do not cause an overdose of Vitamin D in my body.
4. I have a dawn simulator that I used last winter. I didn't think it was doing much for me, but looking back it may have because I haven't used it yet this year and I feel worse than I did last year, all other things being relatively equal.
5. I have a SAD Light (10,000 LUX) which I have tried to use, but it never helped me. However, I don't think I've used it correctly as I have never used it consistently for a week because I didn't understand how it is supposed to work. I expected it to make me feel immediately better, like the tanning bed does.
6. Meditation - this seems to have a slight benefit. It helps with reducing anxiety.
7. Counseling with an LPCC - this was worthless. But, my counselor was trying to treat plain depression because I was depressed and because no one, including myself, had yet realized that the root cause was SAD, not depression. So, she was looking for a mental/emotional cause of my problems, which is simply not there. I am normally very happy with my family, my job, my hobbies, my life, etc. I am very ambitions and I want very much to be able to work and support my family. I love my wife and my children. It is only when my brain realizes that I am so sick because of SAD that I cannot work or care for my family that I get depressed. Your understanding of this cause and effect is going to be important for me because I do not want to waste my time again searching for issues that don't exist or blaming myself for feelings that I don't have. In addition I was able to go completely off my Effexor one summer and was just fine until winter came and my problems came back.
8. Medication for depression, severe allergies, and asthma - Effexor XR 150mg, Lorazepam 0.5mg twice a day, Astelin, Singulair, Allegra, Levothyroxine, Nexium
9. Exercise - this is somewhat helpful if I am able to do it. It seems to temporarily make me feel better. But, the next morning I feel terrible again. I have never been able to succeed in exercising regularly in the winter because of the way I feel.

What I am looking for:
1. Help in treating SAD so that I am not in constant pain and unable to think straight all winter.
2. Help in managing the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and pain that come with SAD.
3. Help with an accurate scientific monitoring of Vitamin D levels so that I am taking the right amount of Vitamin D to bring the level in my body up to the right amount. This is based on the recommendations on
4. Help with making sure I am using the SAD Light and/or Dawn Simulator correctly.
5. Anything else that you can think of that might help.

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