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Throat Sore & Singulair

Oct 29, 2017 - 0 comments

The sore in my throat is much more painful today. Just swallowing and drinking water is hurting. I'm guess that the mold spore count went up today because of the rain yesterday. My head feels terrible. I know I have a cold but I think my allergies are bad too. It is painful to eat anything with the sore in my throat. Maybe it is infected? I'm going to make an appointment with doctor tomorrow.

I had stopped taking Singulair about 2 weeks ago to see if it was causing some of my symptoms like PVCs and pounding heart beats. I think those symptoms may have improved a bit since then but I took one tonight to see if it would help with the sore in my throat because that might have gotten worse since I stopped the Singulair. Now my heat feels weird, weirder than it did. I feel worse now than I have all day. I don't understand why I would feel worse. Usually I get better as the day goes on. This is probably all caused by my alternaria allergy. It's all so much nonsense. Allergies seems to cause symptoms that are nonsense.

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