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my family

Nov 14, 2017 - 0 comments

I had the most wonderful family  my daddy was a detective when he picked me up at school the kids all ran to his car he looks just like jack webb. I know he was handsome and sweet but I never thought he looked like jack webb a tv detective. my mom was a house wife she always had good meals 3 ties a ay. never missed. then in 1964 m daddy got cancer of the pancreas he made it to hs birthday and dies 2 days later I saw him when he died. 2 years later I got cancer and had a mascetomy lost my left breast and 2 limp nodes. then  years My hubby died.  I did not thnk I could go on he was my love of my life. Then I had to get on my mom could not drive thank goodness there was a lady 2 doors down who took her to church and for groceries. that helped me a lot. she fell and broke her hip they put her in a nursing home in Oklahoma. so now I needed to step up she had to eat. If idid not take her she would try to walk to the store. she had alzeimers and congestive heart.  NO ONE IN MY FAMLY HELPED AT ALL. I hate syaing I begin to hate them it would not have hurt them to call or come see her. I walke by her room in my home after taking a bath and she was standing in her room I said mom what is wrong.  Are you going to put me away I said just a minute I went in and we set on the side of her bed she was clear she said they should be helping you. I told her it didn't matter we had each other. I think I did good it was had but rewarding

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