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Nov 24, 2017 - 0 comments

Well I was addicted to either Heroin or pain meds for 20 years. Iv off Heroin and my doctor cut my pain meds slowly. It was hard but iv been clen 5 months never thought I could o that. get free of all opiates. I'm doing a 2 year course now and I'm learning the tools to think before I act. But I'm 53 on my birthday and know I could never go through a cold turkey or taper again. The pain is too much I cant put my body through that again. So I'm clean and staying that way. My worker John has tought me things that I thought would not work but it is. After I leave my appointment I feel there,s a little more weight of my shoulders. I have my family back . Tlking to them all and they are all very proud of me. But why would anybody wnt to put there family through that, It was hell for me and I know I was embarrising my family but not now. John is so good when I first met him I did not know if I could trust him, but 3 months in I can tell John anything.So heres one really happy and lucky guy. I looked at aphoto 2 years old and in the heart of my addiction. I look like I was going to die I was a skeleton real bad. So now I look so much more healther. So I will never go back down that road ever again. I'm were I want to be now and I'm staying clean. Cut off all my so called friends who were never really friends. Imeducating myself about drugs and that's not real life, real life is awesome for me now. I  would like to thank all who helped me through the hard days and nights. I want to say one thing I had no hope for myself. But if I can stop using you all can do it too. D ont be to hard on yourself as its no easy but doable. Only if you want it bad enough Thank you all my friends James and Kim loving ourselves and each other that's why its so worth doing. So if its your first day or 3rd week keep moving forward its the only way

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