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Premier week..Law & Order / NCIS  and much more!! :)

Sep 21, 2010 - 5 comments

Ok ladies..(and gents!!) I am a TV addict.
I am glad the most difficult time with my 4 month old son has passed now and we are kind of in a routine now. Things can change over night so I am saying this with caution and I don't wait to jinx!!!

I have been waiting for the premiers of my fav shows.. NCIS and NCIS LA tonight!!! Glee premier is tonight too but I haven't been hook on that. Tomorrow Law & Order SVU premier. Yipee!!!

Can't wait until 8pm EST tonight to watch the show.
Little Seth this is why Ammi (mommy) wants you to go to bed at 7pm.. Ammi loves you darling. :)

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by teko, Sep 21, 2010
Oh Thank You! I am a HUGE NCIS fan and did not know it was premiering tonight! I am blocking my schedule for that time slot! I am sooo glad you are a huge tv addict, otherwise I would not have known it started tonite and would have been highly ticked if I missed it! What about Criminal Minds? Anyone know?

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by Ladybugbc, Sep 21, 2010
TV shows keep my sanity.
NCIS premiers tonight at 8pm EST following NCIS Los Angeles at 9pm EST.
Criminal Minds premiers tomorow...That's my fav too just forgot to mention that on the journal.
During my pregnancy I skipped quite a few of Criminal Minds episodes as I thought there were too much violence.

Also, Biggest Loser premiers tonight. It overlaps with programs I prefer so I don't watch that. It's a good thing I don't have a DVR. Otherwise I'll lose the little sleep I get right now.

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by teko, Sep 21, 2010
Oh thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! LOL  Criminal minds is awesome, I think the last episode after jenny was killed they split the team and gave whats his name a new one! Oh yeah! gonna be good! I hope everything is not on all at the same time this year! LOL


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by adgal, Sep 21, 2010
You and I have some of the same favorite shows.  DH and I are so excited about NCIS tonight, although we never really got into NCIS LA.  Criminal Minds is probably our favorite.  But....Law & Order SVU was this week was a two hour one...maybe they are replaying it on another night?  I saw it Sunday night.  Also, the Apprentice was last that show, glad it's back!

I love premiere  Cannot wait for NCIS tonight!!

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by Ladybugbc, Sep 21, 2010
When you said Law & Order SVU was already on I screamed silently (Cos I couldn't scream out loud as Seth is sleeping)lol!! Then I checked to make sure they have it tomorrow at 9pm EST too, just after Undercovers.
They are probably rerunning it tomorrow night.
Yeah saw Apprentice, cos there was nothing else to watch.

I got hooked on NCIS LA by accident. During summer they showed repeats of all the other programs. I watched it as there was nothing else to watch and now I am a fan.. :D

I love Food Network too cos I love to cook. How about you girls?

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