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Still spotting...

Sep 21, 2010 - 0 comments

Well, I'm still spotting.  I thought it was going away and now I am spotting everyday.  It is brown and light (Thank God) but it is a bit concerning seeing blood everyday.  My next u/s is still 2 weeks away to check the size of the subchorionic hemorrhage and to see how the baby is coping and growing.  Each day that goes by I thank God that this baby is holding on.  I'm still very worried but I know that I can't do anything other than rest to try to get the hemorrhage to heal.  I'm hoping all of this spotting is the blood draining out and allowing the tear to heal.  
I have started to feel baby move.  It is getting more frequent but it's still very sporadic.  Every time the baby moves, I feel relief that it's still ok.  I just hope and pray that everything will be ok with this baby and that I will carry he/she to term.  Keeping positive.

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