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cycle day 13

Sep 21, 2010 - 2 comments

Expect to ovualate anywhere between tonight and tmrw evening. Just heard from the Dr that I am insulin resistance. I made them check for it! So if I hadnt when would they have tested?? So irritated with these Drs!! Now I wish I had taken the metformin all this time but I just started back taking it about 3 weeks ago so i dont know if this will work this cycle. My tummy is already have AF symptoms so i dont know what to to think. Just gonna hang in there and hope this is it!! SSBD to all! Trusting in GOD and standing on his promise!!

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1340676 tn?1309281062
by Levi97, Sep 21, 2010
Praying that everything works out for you!!

1438491 tn?1286286673
by truebeliever, Sep 22, 2010
Thanks Levi97 :)

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