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Getting back to "normal"?

Sep 21, 2010 - 0 comments

  I don't remember what time the alarm went off but it was early.  It was going to be another busy day and I was determined that I was going to stay ahead of it.  After the dh and the kids left for school at 7:30, I began going over the house to check and see how each family member cleaned up after themselves.  It was sort of a test run for the next few weeks or months while the house is in the market.

  The upstairs shower was left dirty, the toilet unflushed, one of the kids bed's unmade with clothes on the floor.  Not a great start.  Dh did better but he has a problem cleaning his sink, counter and mirror, and he always leaves the doggie bag of poop by the front door and today was no exception.

  Got everything done in time to head off to BSF at 8:45am.  Wow, extra large group of women this year. Maybe 500 instead of 300.  I heard that Isaiah was a popular study.  There were about 12 women in my small group. Two that I know from previous years and one that was in my last years group.  Even though I was not at the first group meeting I feel comfortable with these women pretty quickly.  There is only a handful of us that really participate and share our answers when the group leader asks for volunteers.  Not sure why but all the groups I have been in most of the women are afraid to share their thoughts about their work sheet.  Are they not sure of their answers?  Just shy? Didn't do the lesson?  Idk but I sure would like to hear what they have to say.

  Some aggravation with the vball sandwiches today.  Parents are supposed to let me know the night before if there are changes in their order for their kids. Got an email at 10am ish today from parent saying child's sandwich will now be handled by varsity snack parent.  Problem is I have a standing order and don't know what sandwich to delete.  There is another player who is also now playing for varsity, should I delete her order as well?  After BSF I go home to check files and make calls.  Tonight's game is home game and varsity snack parent doesn't provide meal for home games.  Call the parents back. They want their kids to have sandwiches today!  Okay, leave order alone for now but tell them am giving them back balance of money so they can make arrangements with varsity snack parent for future games.  I don't need this headache when ordering sandwiches especially when there are 3 other matches this week.

  At noon I head out to lunch with a good friend. We had an opportunity to meet up with a large group of our friends for lunch but chose to have a quiet lunch with each other.  It was great.  It had been a long time since we both had an hour or so to sit and talk.

  After lunch, ran a few errands and cleaned up some outside stuff at home before picking up and delivering sandwiches.  Didn't get out of the school until 4:30.  Headed home and mowed part of the lawn in anticipation of house hitting the market tomorrow.  Grass not that long but don't want to be mowing the lawn in the next few days when the sign had just gone up.  

  At 5:45, the realtor arrives and we go over all the paperwork.  Deciding on the price of the house is the hardest part.  Definately don't want to go too high but also don't want to leave money on the table especially when dealing with 30 yr old house that will need some repairs.  Everything signed and sign goes up in yard.  Feels very real now and somewhat of a relief.  Not sure why putting house on market feels like relief but it's the next new stage I guess.  Moving from one stage to the next is making progress.

  After realtor left, dh eats dinner (kids are at vball game).  I finish up front lawn and converse with several neighbors who are wondering why we are leaving.  We have been here so long that we just seem part of the neighborhood.  Our next door neigbor is a single woman with two dogs.  She and I have a great conversation about how some things are just "meant to be". The new house for us is one of those. She is convinced our current house will sell quickly as it is well taken care of.  We will see.  It is a crazy market.

  Shot tonight is in left hip. Dh picks spot.  Hurts a little more than usual when the stinging starts. By bedtime there is no discomfort anymore.  Kids and adults in bed way too late for weeknight, 11pm but there was a lot going on.  Maybe tomorrow things will feel more normal.

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