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Grandma's Mouth Issue

Jun 02, 2018 - 0 comments

For the last 2 years my grandmother (a very active and independent lady who lives in the country of Pennsylvania) has had this irritation with her mouth. To preface, we have no idea what this is, we are looking for any answers. Her dentist says she has nothing wrong and her oral health is pretty perfect and because of this issue she has gone to the dentist 20+ times in the last 2 years and they really have not found anything wrong- so now to start from the beginning.

2 years ago my grandmother went to the dentist because she felt like she had something on her tooth. While she was there, they said there was nothing in her tooth. They cleaned her teeth and put a bonding on her tooth. She went home but still felt like she had something on her tooth.  Here is a list of the main events that have occurred:

- The first tooth felt like it had a chip in the back of it and there was nothing there so they put a bonding on it to try to try and smooth out the back. Unfortunately, this did not help and since then she has had the bonding smoothed out 3 times and she still feels this irritation.
- The second issue was the front teeth on the bottom. She felt like she had something in between her teeth but again there was nothing there, she got her teeth cleaned and at one point she asked the dentist to shave down a space between her teeth so she could floss between her teeth easier and now there is a visible gap but she still says she feels like there is something there.
- The next problem was with her middle top teeth, she felt like her filling between her teeth had fallen out/was loose. She again went to the dentist, nothing was wrong but they smoothed everything out, cleaned and polished it and she went home feeling like nothing had been fixed.  
- Another problem she has is her teeth always feels like she has plaque on them. She calls it fuzzy tooth syndrome.  She goes to the dentist and they tell her she has no plaque on her teeth, there is nothing to scrape off, but even immediately after, she still feels like she needs to go home an brush her teeth.
- In the first year she went to the dentist around 25 times.
- The dentist thinks the issue could be bone loss which is causing her to feel tiny gaps in her teeth and that is what is causing the feeling of something in her teeth. BUT the problem was not solved with the molding that evened out her tooth so this is probably not it.
- She now wears a guard on her bottom teeth and she does not have any irritation or feel the fuzziness on the mouth guard. Immediately after taking the guard off she feels the fuzziness and irritating spots.  
- She is very sensitive to flavors, she is often overpowered by the flavor of food and has to balance/dilute the flavor.
- She takes anti anxiety medicine that is supposed to help but really does nothing to help (she takes it for other reasons as well). She takes Clonazepam, but her doctor says this would not be a side effect.
- She had a bump on her tongue (noncancerous) that they removed but the problem persisted.
- Also, something important to note is that she recently quit smoking after 20 years of basically chain smoking.  She is otherwise very healthy, she is outside all the time mowing the lawn and gardening.  
** not dry mouth or reflux issue

My family has her on vitamin B pills to try and help and it really has not. They believe that it is a mental issue, which it very well could be. She is not bothered by it when she does not think about it. There is no pain it is just extremely irritating.
Personally, I believe that it is a nerve issue. I believe she has hyperactive nerves in her tongue so when she feels anything on her teeth the feeling is magnified. This is also enforced by the fact that she is so sensitive to food.

I am willing to answer any more questions to try to figure out what is going on. Please send any suggestions or ideas of what this could be, we are open to anything.

Thank you for your time!
Maggie and Gram

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