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A new day

Sep 22, 2010 - 0 comments

  Alarm goes off at 6:15am. Slept relatively well if not long enough. I don't do a physical check anymore b/c I don't usually have any odd sensations in my legs or body anymore, at least not in the mornings (if they come, it's at the end of the day).  There is some general soreness today but it's from all the physical labor around the house not the MS. I do make a mental note this morning though that I need to check on a refill of my copaxone. There are only 10 shots left and I don't want there to be a gap between what I have and my next order.

  We are all moving a bit slow this morning. The kids need a little help getting up but once they are up they move pretty quickly. Dh takes them to school while I walk the dogs.  When dh gets back the mows the back and side yards them comes inside for a haircut.  I have been cutting his hair for maybe 16 yrs now. Since he likes it short, it's just easier (and a whole lot cheaper) to do it at home every 10 days or so.  As he gets ready for work I head up stairs to check how the kids did with their rooms today.  Very good! Only thing is they keep forgetting is to flush the toilet.  Dh did well with his sink today but left the sack of poop by front door from last night's walk.

  A neighbor/friend calls me. She is laughing. She is getting calls from neighbors who are asking her why we are moving? Did dh lose his job?  Are we divorcing?   She laughs and tells them, no, we just found our dream home. I told her to tell them that once we get settled in the new house, we will throw a party and call it "Come and see why we moved".  They will get it as soon as they see the house.

  Realtor came over around 9:30 to pick up last of paperwork.  It seems like today is going to be the most low key day I have had in almost a month.  Nothing but errands and then later shopping with the kids on the agenda.  Should be able to work on my bible study for about an hour today too. Ahhhh, I could have days like this more often.  I received a case of Brunos pepper earlier this week that I am indulging in several times a day (and I am holding back) and I have some crispy salmon in the frig.  Yes, life is really good at the moment.  The only thing that can add to it is getting an offer on the house this week!  A girl can dream, can't she?

  I paint my toe nails, walk the dogs again and make some calls. Okay, ready to head out to the grocery and the the gardening center.  I want to replace a few flowering plants.  Gardening is something that I love to do but haven't really had time for lately. Gardening just to garden, not to clean up.  When I get back home I give the dogs their medicine and I take some vitamins.  My salad is prepared (mixed salad with salmon, red bell peppers and arti's) and sitting on the counter while I check emails and forward some info on to family.  Then it's lunch and a relaxing  hour or so working on bible study.

  When I had lunch with my friend yesterday she told me that since March she has had pain and trouble gripping things with her hands. It feels like she has gloves on and her finger joints are swollen so much that she cannot wear any of her rings.  She has gone to lots of doctors and had lots of x-rays/pictures taken. She has heard everything from rheumatoid arthritis, to carpel tunnel to tendinitis.  Yet with each treatment she gets no relief.  For someone who hates taking medicine she says she should buy stock in the companies who make ibuprofen.  Again this reminds me that there are so many people out there experiencing chronic pain.  Sometimes I look at people it the store and wonder what, pain if any, they are feeling. This makes me also take great care in how I interact with people b/c you just never know what they are experiencing in their life.

  After working on my bible study today I felt tired so I decided to lay down for about 1/2 hr before picking up the kids. Only problem was I ended up sleeping for 45 minutes. Yikes.  Had to take the dogs out before I left too b/c I was taking the kids and a couple of friends to a shop to look at outfits for Homecoming and wouldn't be back for at least a couples of hours.  I ended up being about 20 minutes late to the school but the kids were fine with it all.

  It was amazing, all the kids found outfits for Homecoming. Thank you!!  This means that it's off their list and MINE.  After dropping off the other kids at their homes, we headed home.  The kids were hungry and wanted to know what was for dinner.  It's almost as if they were not aware that I was the one driving them around and hadn't been home to make dinner. So, it's the old fall back, cheesy scrambled eggs and bagels.  They were happy I was able to make it so quick and I was happy to just get it done.  I ended up having a turkey burger and some veggies.

  Got a email today from one of the mom's of the vball players who is now playing on varsity.  Wanted to know why I couldn't just keep getting the food for her daughter. How is she going to get food?  Took a deep breath and explained that although JV and Varsity had similar schedules they were not identical and tournaments were different. For example I had two sandwiches for these girls last week and no girls since their bus left an hour later than JV. Also, when I dropped off sandwiches yesterday, her daughter not there b/c varsity wasn't required to be there until 1/2 later.  Basically I said it was too labor intensive for me to handle players no longer on the JV team and that this mom needed to talk with the parent handling food for the Varsity team.  As it turns out though, these two players will be playing with JV Thursday and Saturday of this week so I agreed to provide food for them, but for the last time.  I agreed to include them in the food for the team as we want all the players to feel a part of the whole but after that these parents will need to make other arrangements.  As always, the problem with volunteering is that often times you have other parents feel like you are working for them.  Only another month of this then the season is over.  I have no plans on being team mom if my kids opt for club ball this year as hopefully we will be moving into our new house.

  This subject brings me to what I was talking about earlier.  Being aware of other peoples situations.  I cannot tell you how many times in the last month, or even longer that I have thought to myself, if this parent knew that I was recently dx with MS or knew I had been having physical problems since April, they would never dream of taking advantage of me.  Now I know that you cannot be taken advantage of without your consent, and I accept my role in sometimes allowing people to use me, but really some people are just very insensitive and blind to how they inconvenience other people. Don't be like them.  Be aware of others.  Be aware of other peoples needs. It makes the world a much nicer place and other people will appreciate your sensitivity.

  This also reminds me of the story in the bible when a group of people brought an adulterous woman to Jesus and they wanted to stone her.  Jesus said, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. That line is famous. But what did Jesus do before he said that?  He drew in the dirt.  Why do you think that is referenced in the bible? Are we supposed to get something from him drawing in the dirt while speaking to these people?  I think it was b/c the woman was almost totally nude and he not only didn't want to embarrass her by looking at her but he also wanted to draw the attention away from her so the other people would not stare at her as well.  He was sensitive to her needs. This is how we should be too. Thinking of others.

  Well my phone alarm just went off alterting me of my need to start getting ready for my shot. Right hip tonight so I will sign off and try and do more writing tomorroow.

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